Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Wheels!


Due to various life stresses, dreadful weather and a foot injury I've not been getting swimming very much recently, so I've treated myself to an exercise bike. It took a bit of constructing earlier, but it's now assembled and I've already given it a test drive. It's great being able to sit in the warm with my music turned up loud and daydream as I peddle. It certainly beats walking home from the pool with icicles in my hair. I love swimming, but I think I need to wait for warmer weather.

Writing wise, I'm still plodding my way to the end of Fortuna. It feels like a slog at the moment and I'm quite eager to finish and move onto something else. Weird, since this is probably the fastest first draft I've ever done. I'm hoping to finish by the end of next week at the latest, then I'm going to sit on it for a month or so before I go back to it.

Meanwhile, for March I'm gearing up to write some contemporary stories. I've a vampire story to write in time for April to sub to the next BL Wicked Words anthology, and I've a few novella ideas I'm tinkering with, including a m/m one. More on those later... Must try to keep my blog more up to date.

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