Monday, March 31, 2008

Even more reviews...

Lots more lovely reviews today... making me a seriously happy Madelynne.

First up, Bev's review of A Gentleman's Wager over at The Good, the Bad & the Unread, which got an A+ and I love the way she describes the characters.

Then over to the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, for Ashley Lister's review of Phantasmagoria, and Lisabet Sarai's review of Broken Angel.

The reviews I'm seeing for Broken Angel are reminding me how much I enjoyed working on that book. I seriously need to think about returning to those characters some time soon.

Possession is also reviewed at Fallen Angel & Two Lips, where it was awarded with a Recommended Read label

Not bad at all really. It almost makes up for the hours of ironing I had to contended with today.

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Lots of lovely reviews

Phantasmagoria is already out in the UK and hits the US at the end of April. I'm thrilled to find that it's picking up some good reviews. Click on the banners to read the complete reviews.

4 Cups: "Vibrant and electrifying, this well-written read sizzles."

4 Angels: "Phantasmagoria is a compelling story that will keep readers riveted."

Romance Junkies 4 Ribbons: " Each encounter between Lucerne, Vaughan and Bella left me biting my lips and anxiously reading to find out what was going to happen."

"The author's style is engaging and the mood is wonderful."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I realise I've been absent...

... but I've been busy, busy, busy. The Easter holidays mean my work routine is in chaos, I'm desperately trying to finish up two vampire stories to sub to the next Wicked Words anthology, I'm taking part in the Romance Divas mentor program as a mentor for the first time, and we have two cute new additions to the household to fuss over.

Wanna see?

Here they are. My crazy Easter bunnies. :-)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm excited. Phantasmagoria has been featured in Scarlet, the UK women's glossy. Check out the scan below, which takes up half a page in the magazine. I'm so chuffed I may have to frame it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

I'm done with Fortuna. Least ways, I've finished the first draft (okay, technically it's still missing the final chapter, but I can't actually bring myself to write it.) and boy does it need at lot of work. I'm going to put it to one side for a bit though, because I need a break from it, and time for ideas to percolate. I already have a fairly good idea of what I want to do it, but I need some distance.

Today, I'm picking up the contemp I wrote an outline for ages ago (see pic for inspiration). It was originally going to be a novella, but I'm looking at expanding it into a novel. A nice lightweight novel, with no heavy doom and gloom. Yeah, right! Like that'll happen. I work out all my issues while writing.

I'm still getting absolutely nowhere with my vampire story. Only six week to the deadline now, and I really don't want to waste this title. Gah, stupid vampires, can't I write about djinn instead?

Oh, and I'm PAN registered now! I would do a yippety, skippety dance, but I can't say it's made much difference to my existence so far. I've also entered a contest! I don't expect to come anywhere.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another week sails by...

Time seems to be moving quickly at the moment, or maybe it's just me moving slowly. I don't seem to be getting nearly enough done. Both Fortuna and Vampire shorts are occupying space in my head, and there are about half a hundred other characters clamouring for attention alongside. I think I need to buckle down, stop wasting time surfing the net and really make some progress, but at the same time I want to forget them all and rest. So, I reckon I need to organise some more chill out time too.

Oh, and I'm considering venturing as far as the hairdressers for a make over...

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Unravelling knots.

Fortuna has thrown up a few surprises recently. Murder, accident or suicide, I've had to ask myself. I won't tell you the answer. Hell, for a good while I did know myself. This is the problem with writing at a faster pace, my mind doesn't have time to figure out all the plot strands until I've reached the point where they have to be addressed. Then writing grinds to a halt as I try and play catch up. Only sometimes, I simply have to step away from the story and allow myself time for my brain to unkink. The first draft of this book was supposed to be finished two weeks ago. I reckon it won't be done for another fortnight, but the additional month is exactly what it needs for all the ideas and images to stew.

Officially, I wrote 1.2K last night. Realistically, it was probably nearer 4K. The discrepancies come from me spending time reworking a slew of flat scenes and wooden dialogue. I'm much happier now. The locations have come alive, but I do feel immensely sorry for my poor hero. He's being put through the mill. I suspect he'll think twice about helping any damsels in distress again considering where it has led him. LOL!

Meanwhile, 70 days of sweating with Sven has started up again. I'm not an official participant this time but I will be cheering the other participants on, particularly my good friend Portia da Costa, who is also a sponsor for the challenge.

Other news, Sedonia Guillone's new book, Men of Toyko: Sudden Bliss is released tomorrow. I had the privilege of reading an early draft of this book and it's and endearing love story. You can find it at Total E Bound.

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