Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots of lovely reviews

Phantasmagoria is already out in the UK and hits the US at the end of April. I'm thrilled to find that it's picking up some good reviews. Click on the banners to read the complete reviews.

4 Cups: "Vibrant and electrifying, this well-written read sizzles."

4 Angels: "Phantasmagoria is a compelling story that will keep readers riveted."

Romance Junkies 4 Ribbons: " Each encounter between Lucerne, Vaughan and Bella left me biting my lips and anxiously reading to find out what was going to happen."

"The author's style is engaging and the mood is wonderful."

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t'Sade said...

I have a love for good reviews. Actually, any reviews, but getting great ones is just as great. 'gratz!