Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interview & an excerpt

Phantasmagoria gets it's US release today, which I guess calls for some celebration. Check out the excerpt on Lust Bites, and the interview and review over at The Good, The Bad & the Unread for a bumper chance to win some of my books.

I'm particularly excited about the interview. I believe it's the first proper interview I've given, discounting chat type events.

Okay, now for the progress update.

I'm still working on Fortuna, but I'm happy with that. I'm finally getting towards the end, currently working on the closing chapters. These are the parts of the book I couldn't actually bring myself to write during the first draft. I've a much better handle on them now, and I hope everything is gradually pulling together.

I've also started sketching the opening scene of Darleston's book. I think it's going to be a touch lighter-hearted than I'd originally anticipated and I'm looking forward to working on it. There are a few other projects that need my attention first though. Ah, too many characters, not enough fingers and not enough hours in the day.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I realise I'm not exactly on blogging top form, but I don't feel I have much to say. If you at all pay attention to the sidebars, you've probably noticed that the word count for Fortuna is ever creeping upwards. I've hit 80,000 words and there's still plenty to go. I don't doubt it's going to make 90,000 words, which may result in me having to do some ruthless cutting if anyone decides to buy this particular wonder.

I blame too many plot strands and my typical cast of thousands (all right, not quite that many).

Incidentally, I've realised that's why that contemporary idea I was working on wasn't working. It was too straightforward. I'm just not happy unless everything is hopelessly complicated. This is one of the problems I have with the romance genre and the movement of BL towards erotic romance. It's all too neat. I like loose ends and ambiguity. I don't believe in HEA's, and I absolutely cannot get my head around the heroine's magical hoohah of rakery reform.

I'm going to stop there before this turns into a rant.

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Friday, April 11, 2008


The Regency Romance Quiz: What kind of Romance Heroine are you?

Dearie me, you are a Hoyden! You may have brothers, but it is most likely you are the indulged only daughter of an affectionate father and a mother who died when you were an infant. You have been known to wear breeches, refuse to ride sidesaddle and know how to use a pistol or a rapier. There is a distinct possibility that you will become embroiled with smugglers. You are definitely cheeky and fearless. Your hero will at first mistake you for a boy, but his inexplicable attraction to you will lead him to deduce that you are in fact female. He will be torn between his respect for your daring and skill at manly pursuits, and his irrational yet intense fear for your safety, which will manifest itself in him becoming very angry with you. You will, of course, not recognise the fear beneath his anger, and will shout right back at him - there is a good possibility things will turn steamy at this point. The situation will resolve itself either in you taming your wild ways because you can't bear to cause him concern, or in you rescuing him, leading to a compromise in which he recognises and respects your abilities, and you take fewer risks. Let us hope it is the latter.
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The Vulgar Tongue

One of the things I love about writing historicals is the opportunity it provides for spending hours with my nose stuck in my huge dictionary of slang. Each era has it's own euphemisms and rejoinders. There are literally tons of words to describe cocks, cunts, and the various forms of sex.

Anyway, I've posted a little quiz today over at Lust Bites feature some sex slang, so head on over and take part. My favourite entry will win a copy of The Big Book of Filth by Jonathon Green, which is a wonderful little reference book.

Speedy... not really!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dawdling disillusionment

I truly am a terrible blogger. I could bore you all with excuses but the truth is, I'm feeling really disillusioned at the moment and that combined with wisdom teeth woes is sapping my creative energy.

After a mammoth struggle to complete a vampire story, I did finally succeed in subbing two of the buggers to Black Lace for their upcoming anthology. One of them is significantly darker and better than the other, but it I always worry about stories that come out like that. I get a buzz off them, but erotic horror is not necessarily what people are looking for in a vampire anthology. Hopefully I'll learn the fate of these stories soon as the deadline is not far off. Fingers crossed. Gawd, it's always so much worse when you really love the stories in question.

As for novel projects - I've been scribbling notes down for a contemporary, but despite a workable outline, genuine chemistry between the characters, and some lovely quirks, my heart just isn't in it. I've decided I'm really not that fond of straight contemporaries. I don't read many of them either.

Anyway, after two weeks of torturing myself with this project, I've pushed it to one side and decided to concentrate on polishing up Fortuna. There's a fair bit to do, including an entire chapter at the end to write, but I'm feeling more positive about my writing already for working on it.

How about after Fortuna? I seriously don't know what comes next. It could be Darleston's book, back to Desperate Measures, the Broken Angel sequel or maybe even a return to Egypt. Um, yeah, I'm doing my best to ignore the last option on the list. I'm not sure I can face the research involved, or the contemporariness of it. Not yet anyway... we'll see...

Oh, and I love this picture.

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