Friday, April 11, 2008

The Vulgar Tongue

One of the things I love about writing historicals is the opportunity it provides for spending hours with my nose stuck in my huge dictionary of slang. Each era has it's own euphemisms and rejoinders. There are literally tons of words to describe cocks, cunts, and the various forms of sex.

Anyway, I've posted a little quiz today over at Lust Bites feature some sex slang, so head on over and take part. My favourite entry will win a copy of The Big Book of Filth by Jonathon Green, which is a wonderful little reference book.


Sedonia Guillone said...

I went over and looked at the quiz. Couldn't answer a single one! This is a crying shame for someone who writes dirty books all day. lol.

Eva Gale said...

Ahhh, I know how this came about. What a fantastic prize!