Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm still editing Fortuna.

One day I'll write a book that involves two characters falling in love with each other and that's it. Fortuna is not that book. Everything is hopelessly complicated and there are rather a lot of characters even by my standards. Nothing is simple. One reviewer recently remarked that my books read like regency soap operas, and I can see what prompted that opinion - everyone has their own agenda.

Anyway, this isn't really about Fortuna, which has the reached the point where I think it's complete and utter carp. This is about a nice bit of spooky fun.

Despite the numerous projects I have sitting awaiting my attention, I've decided that the next thing I write is going to be purely for my entertainment. I'm not going to write it with a view to publication, but to amuse myself, and remind myself why I love writing.

It's about two men spending the night together in a haunted building as a dare, and probably involves a hell of a lot of m/m sex (leastways as much as you can reasonably squeeze into something intended as a 20K novella).

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Currently reading: I'm STILL waiting for something to hook me! Haven't had much luck with the ol' book choices recently. I want something that drags me into its world and the lives of the characters, takes me on an emotional rollercoaster and leaves me gasping for more. Recommendations welcome. NB: I'm very difficult to please.


Bev(QB) said...

Well, hell-- you just described AGW and Phantasmagoria.

Hmmm... I'm trying to remember what other book you've said you've read since I know some of them are books I would usually recommend.

Have you ever read Bertrice Small's Skye O'Mally series or her newer World of Hetar series? She's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think she weaves amazing tapestries with her words. And neither of those lusty series are traditional H/H with an HEA.

In the mood for fantasy/urban fantasy? Karen Marie Moning's Fever series (no romance or sex... yet) or Laurell Hamilton's Merry Gentry series (alot of sex) have complex, engrossing world building. But they are both 1st person POV, which I like, but some people hate.

Have you read J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series yet? Book crack.

Joey Hill's Vampire Queen series? So sensual.

I have a bunch more, but I'm not sure what genre you're in the mood for.

Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm in a historical mood mostly, which probably means Georgian/Regency. I've just started reading Return to Me by Julia Templeton which so far features a vampire in 14th century Scotland! And a witch, in 19th century London. Not my ideal pick so far, but it's otherwise moving along nicely, hence I'm keeping an open mind.

I do like some urban fantasy.I am hopelessly addicted to JR Ward and I quite enjoy Merry Gentry, but I refuse to fork out for a hardback of the most recent one. Will take a look at your other suggestions.

Sedonia Guillone said...

Your m/m haunted house novella thing sounds fabulous! As far as recommendations, I totally recommend Jade Lee's Tigress series. Historical - take place in turn of the century Shanghai. Some of the heroines are English, others Chinese. The heroes are completely delicious and in my opinion, these books fulfill the requirements you mentioned. White Tigress, Hungry Tigress, Desperate Tigress, Tempted Tigress, Cornered Tigress, and one more I can't think of offhand. But I'm in the process of re-reading those because they are absolutely scrumptious.