Monday, June 30, 2008

Changing visions

I find it endlessly fascinating how book concepts change as you start working on them. When I first envisaged Darleston's story all I had were a few snapshots and a general feeling about the tone of the book. I thought it probably revolved around a murder. It was also firmly planted in a timeline of events I knew had to occur before AGW3.

Things change...

I thought Vaughan would be a presence in this book, now I'm not so certain. I suspect all the conversations I have sketched between him and Darleston actually take place between the end of Fortuna's book and the beginning of Darleston's book. I'm not sure what to do about them, maybe we'll see a few flashbacks to them, maybe I'll turn them into a stand alone story, or maybe (if I'm feeling particularly cruel) I'll keep them to myself.

Anyway, a murder may still be on the cards, but the rest of Darleston's book has changed quite a bit. You can blame the heroine for that.

I'm starting to really like her :-)

I'm also growing rather addicted to my m/m seckrit project. And that's all I'm saying about that.

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Bev(QB) said...

You're either brave or crazy... or both. Do you REALLY want to deal with Vaughan later on after you've ignored him? You KNOW what he's like when he feels slighted! In fact, you might as well forget about YOUR plans for AGW3 because Vaughan WILL make sure that you have absolutely NO say-so in it if you try to muzzle him now.

Aw, hell, who am I kidding... he probably won't do anything you want in AGW3 no matter what you do or do not let him do now.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Bev, I think Vaughan is either sulking or off on holiday somewhere, because he's not been bugging me much of late. Or maybe he's just making himself scarce because Lucerne isn't.

Poor Lucerne keeps telling me about the realisations he's just made. I, of course, am nodding my head sympathetically, while being consciously aware that I am in fact an evil bitch.

Madame Butterfly said...

Oh to be a fly on a wall in Madelynne's head. :o

Poor Lucerne...LOL