Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fortuna... almost done.

I have half a page to edit and some lewd poetry to insert and then I'm done! Hopefully, it'll go in the post Monday, if I can manage to make my synopsis read like something other than an ink splurge.

It's been a long journey, this book. Much longer than I anticipated, but I think it's a better book for it, and I do love it, or rather I love the characters. Fortuna is a far more typical Georgian heroine than Bella but she does have a backbone. Simpering does tend to wind me up. Giles has already been branded "the Milk Tray man" owing to his love of shimming up and down drainpipes, Neddy makes me laugh and Darleston... Well, to be honest, Darleston is the one that really interests me, he's such a multi-faceted character. I'm never entirely sure what he's really thinking. There are entire layers of him that nobody ever sees. (The fact that he and Neddy resemble this pic of Gackt probably contributes to my affection for him.)

I'm not sure if I'll launch straight into writing his book as I have some other projects that have been sitting on shelves awaiting my attention, but I think I'll start collecting my thought together into a rough outline, and maybe see if I can come up with a title. Weirdly, having a title always seems to help focus the book, even if said title makes no sense to anyone but me.

Other news - I had a bit of a book surge last weekend. Guess I figured the TBR pile was looking a little low (LOL). Anyway, this is what I picked up

Lover Enshrined, JR Ward
Let Dai Volume 7, Sooyeon Wan
The Silver Cage, Mathilde Madden
Red Angel, Makoto Tateno
The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

I think I was fairly restrained.

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Sedonia Guillone said...

Congratulations, MAdelynne on finishing up. I like your visual. Looking at Gackt always helps me write too. lol

I always find that having a title helps give a story direction and structure. Some of my best work was having a title first, even before a basic idea of the storyline.

Bev(QB) said...

Gee, do I get a vote? Cuz I vote for launching straight into the next Georgian.

This way they are still fresh and alive in your mind, and I'll get it that much sooner.

See, it's a win-win for everyone! hee