Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been reviewed

Leastways my website has...

This is what Jane's Guide had to say about me.

Madelynne Ellis is the author of historical, contemporary, and paranormal erotic fiction. On this site you'll find excerpts from her work, free short stories, novel tie-ins, research photos, deleted scenes, book trivia, maps, and a lot more. I really love all of the extra touches that she offers here, so that the site functions both as an introduction to her work and a wonderful gift to current fans. There are links to her blog, myspace, and yahoo group as well. You can't purchase the books from her direct, but she links to several booksellers that are carrying them. A well designed, easy to navigate, and charming site! - Vamp

Yay! Guess all the hard work learning basic html and attempting to make front page dance to my tune paid off.

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