Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I painted the garden wall yesterday. In what way is that exciting, you ask? Well, it wasn't particularly. But first thing this morning I was looking out of the window admiring it. Thinking, wow, that's white! But no, because there is a large black circle in the middle of it, spoiling the lovely blank canvas. Some enormous bloody snail has taken up residence. Damn thing is still there.

Anyway, not nearly enough writing done today. I just can't seem to settle to it. So I've made a collage of a castle instead! Hence I still have several hours of writing ahead of me, instead of an evening off... duh, stupid Madelynne. Hm, I might have to go and find some inspirational images first.

Recently watched: The Supersizers Go... Regency.
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Currently reading: Indiscretions by Elayne S Venton

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Madame Butterfly said...

Must be your beautiful white canvass attracted a rebellious snail who felt it it's duty to start creating a live work of art. There's no accounting for that snail's aesthetic taste though. Alas. : )

The Dishwasher? *snort* It can have a pleasing rhythmic sound at times. Puts me to sleep.