Friday, September 05, 2008

I've found something...

Naturally, it wasn't what I was looking for...

The contemp is still on the back burner, meanwhile I think I've found something to intrigue myself with. Cue mad cackling. The only problem is that I can't help thinking that I'm shooting myself in the foot with regards to saleability etc. Then again, who gives a damn! I've never been interested in churning out novels just to satisfy editors and the market.

Meanwhile, no news on the various projects out there in market land. Hopefully, this is because they're all very busy people and not because they think my work sucks! Ah, the joys of being a writer :-P

One quick question, sort of... Okay, I'm digging here while attempting to give away zero details of what's going on in my head with regard to potential plot lines. Exactly what do you think a hero can get away with in terms of normally unacceptable behaviours and still remain the "hero"? BTW I'm not talking about anything to do with minors here. I guess I'm asking with specific regard to the heroine?

Hm. Damn, it's a tricky one.

I may have to stick with it anyway, because it's just so damn elegant...

Of course to make it work properly, this novel may have to be 200,000 words. Or a series! Nah, you'd never forgive me.

Okay, I'm going to stop my babbling now and get back to plotting.

ME xx

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Portia Da Costa said...

Wow, sounds intriguing!

I envy your enthusiasm for this new idea. I'm still mired in apathy and not moving ahead at all with my WIP. :(

Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm only enthusiastic cause it's mental. It makes all cackly just thinking about it.

I think I need to go and watch more Gackt for research purposes.

Saskia Walker said...

Personally, I think the hero in a historical can get away with a lot more than a contemp hero because of society expectations. From the reader standpoint I'd say he can get away with pretty much anything *as long as* he goes after the heroine afterwards. Redeeming himself, character growth, showing how much she has changed him, etc.

I'm historical author I really admire had her hero making love to his mistress in the next room to his heroine, when he didn't like the emotion he was feeling for the heroine. The heroine was gutted (and so was I, pretty much, ;) and she ran off. But he realised his error and hunted her a harem, half way across Siberia, or somesuchfarflungplace. That works for me. :) Of course she gave him a merry chase across Europe afterwards, (just to be sure,) which was fun, too. He can bad as can be, for me, as long as he makes good.

Madelynne Ellis said...

I think you have something there, Saskia. Heroes in historicals often get away with far more. You're right, bad behaviour is almost expected of them.

Which doesn't precisely help me at the moment as the hero in question is part of an urban fantasy/paranormal erotic romance!

Saskia Walker said...

Ah well then, you can make up your own society rules. :} I guess, depending on what your hero is, paranormal can also make allowances for bad behaviour. I'm just reading Kresley Cole's Dark Needs at Night's Edge (fabulous read!) and her hero is really dark and murderous to begin with.

Fascinating question, btw. You got me thinking, thank you. ;)