Thursday, October 09, 2008

There's only so much space in my head...

I might have some news soon, but not yet!

Meanwhile, the saga of the Bloody Novel/Desperate Measures continues. There I was convinced that DM was taking priority, when bang, I realised what the problem with the Bloody Novel is...

*drum roll*

I'm being too systematic about it.

Instead of working from start to finish, I need to get the big old upheaval down on paper and out of my head. It's the same situation that I had with Phantasmagoria. You know, the bit where everything goes pear-shaped when Lucerne arrives and Vaughan reacts. I wrote that fairly early on. Of course, I went back to it later to refine it, and I'll end up doing the same with these scenes, but until I actually write these scenes that are flashing through my head, I'm never going to make any headway with the beginning of the story.

The other thing is that I'm starting to become rather enamoured of R and V. Think R is winning by a touch at the moment. He's one of those, yer know, bad ass rogues with a heart. LOL!
V on the other hand is... OMG, of course he is... plot-point falls into place. That's why he does that and that. *Hugs self* Now all I need is for Mr Macho Tough Guy Who Keeps Lurking in the Corner to tell me his name and exactly how he fits into this and I'll be sorted :-)

Ah, the joys of my headspace... Sometimes I can't believe I get paid for this stuff.
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Bev(QB) said...

See? THAT is why I know I was born without a creative writing gene-- no voices in my head. ;-p

MB (Leah) said...

Um... Madelynne, you're making perfect sense to me. No only are you making sense, you're thoroughly entertaining! :D

But then again, even though I don't have a creative writing gene either, I do hear many voices in my head. LOL