Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some random nonsense

I'm in synopsis hell. I seriously detest these things. How exactly am I supposed to summarize in an interesting fashion a book I've yet to write, when I AM A PANTSER. I don't want to know everything about my characters before hand. What's the point in writing the book if I already know the whole story?

Anyway, I now have a cat called Mimi. In the book, that is, not at home. The rabbits wouldn't like that.

Somehow this monster of a book has transformed itself into an erotic suspense novel. How exactly did that happen? Having someone disappear seemed like such a good idea a week ago.

Still, I'm loving Kit. And it's interesting seeing him develop from how he was in the recent short story I wrote about his life in Tokyo, to how he is back in England.

I'm still itching to get back to Blaze & Asha in BM though.

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