Thursday, December 18, 2008

A bit of Pure Folly

When I set out writing Pure Folly, it was meant entirely for my consumption, just an exercise in reminding myself what I love about writing. I'm still surprised in the interest it drew from other people. Hope you enjoy the sneak preview. It's currently slated for release May 09.

Barely through the privy door, Alastair tore open the front fall of his breeches and shoved aside his cotton drawers freeing his cock.

At last!

His hand closed tight about the stem, as he drove his cock through the ring of his coiled fingers and thumb.

The room was large for a privy, and pleasantly dark and cool, as were the bricks against his back.

That was good. That was better.

The tension in his groin didn’t ease exactly, if anything it grew. Intoxicating tingles swept down from his glans as he felt the familiar tightening in his balls. “Jude…” he sighed. Eyes closed he let his mind wander back to the room above.

Generally even in the midst of his fantasies he was careful, but this time the images weren’t to be stopped. Jude squirmed beneath him, protesting as his hand fisted in Jude’s hair. He held him down, arms pinned above his fair head, as he ripped his breeches down to expose his loins. He wanted to be gentle, wanted to smooth the silken strands curled around his fingers, but Jude wouldn’t keep still. He had to force him into the depths of the ruptured mattress, so that the spilled feathers dappled their bodies like snowflakes.

Time slowed as he exposed the almond-coloured skin of Jude’s arse. Still holding him fast, he kneed his legs apart. Alastair lowered his head and rubbed his cheek across the taut muscle. He stuck out his tongue and licked into the crease between the globes. Tasted him. Wetted him, ready for what came next.

He wanted to get inside him, feel the heat of him around him. Needed this so…damn…much.

Jude’s fear, his reluctance just added piquancy to the fantasy. This wasn’t how he really wanted it. He wanted them to be equals. Mutual attraction. But the desire to push deep and draw back slowly, cruelly tested him. It made him long to fuck Jude hard, and drive himself over the edge.

Sweat broke out across his body. He felt it across the planes of his back, and the creases of his armpits. The linen at his throat strangled him, making him gasp for breath. With his free hand, Alastair tugged at the knot, but being free of that silken swathe wasn’t enough. He pushed his hand up inside his shirt and worked his palm over the rigidly knotted muscles of his stomach. He pinched his own nipples, as he imagined Jude’s skin beneath his palms again. This time he held the firm globes of his bottom apart so that the delicate pink wrinkled hole winked invitingly up at him. He pressed the head of his cock to it, battered against it seeking entrance as Jude pushed back against him in turn. “Yes,” his lover murmured. “Yes, do it. Impale me. Bugger me. Fuck me, Alastair. Fuck me. And do it hard.”

How could he resist such an offer?


Bev(QB) said...

Geez, are you trying to kill me with sensory overload today?

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.


MB (Leah) said...

Can. not. speak. Speachless. Running to get the fan again. LOL Whew! That is so hot.

I'm so on this as soon as it's out. :D