Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last post for a bit as I'm off visiting family from tonight.

No. 5. Is another opening. This one from my Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Demon/Gothic Madness, otherwise known as The Bloody Book, or the follow-on to Broken Angel.

Much as I love writing historical fiction, sometimes, I love the freedom of the fantasy genre. It's nice to let my imagination run wild, and not to have to check every last detail for accuracy.


The sky was dark except for the blood red of the moon.

Blaze Makaresh stirred in his bed as someone walked their fingers up his thigh. Irritably, he batted at the annoyance, only for the caress to climb to his stomach and trace the intricate loops and flourishes of his tattoo. Higher still, it lingered over one nipple, before settling over his heart.

Here, the skin was raised and mottled, an ancient sigil burned into to the otherwise smooth flesh.

‘Asha,’ he sighed. ‘Asha, is that you, my love?’ His eyes fluttered open, in time to see her join the sigil burned into her own palm tightly to the one on his chest. Energy pulsed between them. It rushed upwards out of his chest, leaving his body cold. A faint purple-edged glow twisted around her arm, until it almost reached her throat. With flame-like fingertips it licked at her bared collarbone.

‘Blaze,’ she purred, the word so much like a caress he felt it stroke across his loins—soft, pleasant, so different to the bite of her nails upon his chest.

‘How are you here?’ he asked.

‘You tell me, Demon Prince. You’re in control of this mess.’ Her eyes flared green, strangely luminescent.

Blaze struggled to free himself of her hold, suspecting some form of subterfuge, but all he succeeded in doing was making her laugh.

‘Sex and flesh, isn’t that the demon way?’ Her nails continued to bite, making ruddy half-moon impressions in the skin. ‘Isn’t this what you wanted from the start? To have control.’ She lowered her head and licked a line up the side of his throat. The hungry caress ended by his ear. She nuzzled against him, warm and soft, though no breath tickled the sensitive lobe. ‘Or at least the illusion of it.’ She nipped his earlobe with her teeth, hard enough to draw blood, which tickled as it rolled down his neck and onto her tongue. ‘Surely you didn’t expect to steal my soul and give nothing in return?’

‘I expected nothing. If I’d known…’ He reached a hand towards her, cupped the gentle curve of her cheek. ‘Oh, Asha.’

The sound of her laugher rippled across his senses, a tinkling uneasy sound that shattered the glass by the bedside. He turned his head to avoid the splinters, but one still struck his temple, leaving a bloody nick.

Asha grasped his wrist and pinned it tight to the side of his head. ‘I’ve borne unimaginable pain for you. It’s your turn to know that agony now.’ She tore her hand from his chest, ripping the two sigils apart and cutting the flow of energy between them. Suddenly, light-headed, Blaze sagged into the mattress. ‘Submit to me, Blaze.’ She slid her palm down over the firm contours of his abdomen to the sensitive place between his naval and his groin. ‘Just submit.’

As if there were anything else he could give her. He was hers already, had been since the moment they’d met. He found her cool poised indifference more entrancing than any obvious erotic display. He’d let her allure cloud his reasoning, become slaven to his need to be with her, and let the fire raging between them drive events when control would have served them better. Still, he couldn’t undo the past, and nor was he entirely sure he wanted to. He didn’t want to lose that passion.

Even now, the scent of her, so close, and her presence above him coaxed his already taxed senses. The demon within demanded satisfaction. He growled at the slow undulation of her body against his. Sweat beaded across his body. He felt it even in the gaps between his toes. Mine, his heart screamed. My love. My soul mate. My queen.’

The heat rising from his skin steeped them both in sweat. It beaded across her brow and brought the faintest hint of colour to her pale cheeks.

‘I love you, Blaze,’ she whispered, into his mouth just before their lips met. ‘But now you have to burn. Set the world alight…’ Her palm closed around the length of his shaft where it lay sandwiched between their near naked bodies. ‘Burn.’ Her thumb traced a slow circle around the flared head of his cock. His pulse raced. Each touch was pure sweet agony. He already burned, with his need for her, the desperation he felt to bury himself inside her.


He stopped thinking in terms of black and white. His vision skewed. A blood red vision swam across the inside of his eyelids. Explosive orange splashed across blank white walls. Her smile became a flash of purple that melted slowly into lilac.

‘Stop,’ he pleaded. ‘I don’t want to hurt you. I’ve already hurt you enough.’

The coaxing of her hand didn’t stop. Every nerve in his body leapt as she swept her thumb over the delicate slit. It wept tears. ‘Burn, Blaze. Burn.’ Her teeth slid into the soft flesh of his neck. Exquisite agony. Perfect pain surged through every neural pathway. The sound of two heartbeats pounded like duelling drums. Fever enveloped him, but even as he welcomed the bittersweet cloud of release, his body tensed at the sense of encroaching darkness.

‘Burn…’ Her whisper faded from his ears.

The sky was no longer black… but yellow and grey. Ash swirled in the breeze, as pretty as the blood-speckled snow that covered the roof tiles. Blaze stared at his bloodied hands in dismay. Everything he thought he had was gone. Nothing would be the same again.

Forked lightning pierced the sky. A blue streamer poured along the apex of the cathedral roof and into him. It surged up his spine, filling him with uncontrollable energy.

Across the city, the Birdcage was alight. The entirety of the eyrie lit up like a warning beacon. Screams and clash of arms filled the streets below.

‘Asha,’ he called, bewildered by all that flowed around him. He stretched out his hands, but nobody took them. Nobody offered him comfort. He was utterly alone. ‘!’

His dejection found no end. Blaze closed his eyes. The licking flames inside his eyelids grew higher.

He snapped his eyes open again, coming to attention, as a single word passed his lips, ‘Burn.’


Bev(QB) said...

You know, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that YOU are writing these dark paranormals.

MB (Leah) said...

Well, that's totally different and very interesting.

I love that you really get into dark spaces. Right up my alley.

Nice pics. ;)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Why is it so hard to get your head around me writing dark paranormals?