Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been subbing!

One story sent, the other is still in the works. I've been seriously doubting if I'd get it done in time, but things seem to be on my side today, as I've managed 2.1K on it so far. A few more paragraphs and I should be finished within a hair's breadth of the desired 6K length. Then it just needs some tidying up and a few willing victims to inflict it upon. I'll admit, that while I really like the story, I've serious doubts about how well it will fit the editors view for the anthology. It's not bubbly. It deals with an odd subject matter, but I can but try, and having put myself through hell to get it done, it's being sent regardless of my reservations.

Oh, today's pic - more Andrei, who seems to have slipped into the central male role in my latest story, and is hence probably responsible for today's drastic word count.

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