Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick reminder

Join Zane, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W Hill, Denise Rossetti & Tina Burns

JANUARY 16th and 17th, 2009

Come participate in a Romance Divas workshop with an in depth look at the way successful Erotic authors have created a story that's not only HOT but also meaningful.
This workshop will be held in the Diva's Secrets Steamy section which requires special permission. Please contact an administrator HERE when you have created an account. There are no requirements other than your statement that you are over 18.
This is for readers and authors alike so come and join us.


Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Hey Madelynne,

I tried! I read some stuff by Joey W Hill. But I'm sure I was in the wrong section and wasn't allowed in others in time and oh, I'm hopeless.

Did you comment there? I was waiting to see something by you!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Nah, didn't comment. Couldn't think of anything to say, as I'm not all that familiar with any of their work, but I hang out on Romance Divas a lot. Especially in the live chatroom.

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

It seems like a good forum- and I've read some of their work. Not as familiar with them as the Black Lace authors, but some of the issues sound familiar. It's always nice to read about people going through similar stuff!

Thanks for putting up the link!