Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm made 50K on the Dreaded Contemporary, and I've sold something. More on that soon.

On the downside, my knee's killing me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

In just a few more hours...

Half-term will be over and the house will be peaceful again. I'll be able to write. I won't spend the whole day picking up things other people have left in random places around the house. I'll not have anyone constantly shadowing me complaining that they're hungry, and most importantly, I might actually be able to write for longer than five minutes.

I'd love to report loads of progress on my numerous projects, but aside from a bit of research into the origins of the Djinn and Evie having her nails done nothing much has happened. You can probably blame Kit for that. He's waltzed off somewhere and forgot to leave a forwarding address. Thing is, I'm not even sure if he has waltzed off, or if he's just cozied up next to the Aga in his farmhouse trying to persuade himself that he's not Lucifer incarnate, which of course, he's not. Stupid bugger!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009!

Life is set for some major upheavals over the coming months, which have rather thrown me for six. I'm sure I'll get used to the potential (potential because nothing is set) changes in time, but at present I have some serious jitters. I guess it's a good job I have my fantasy worlds to fall back upon. It's nice to have complete control over something, even if it is only the imaginary characters that inhabit my head.

I've reached what I like to think of as the dark heart of the story in the Dreaded Contemporary. The point where everything starts going to pieces and there are too many things at stake. Maybe, that's a good place to be considering my current emotional state. It's certainly somewhere to channel all the energy.

Meanwhile, I'm busy attempting to map out what else I'd like to work on this year. There's a whole string of novellas/short novels mostly of the m/m variety that are growing idea wise, including a sort of prelude to AGW3 about Vaughan.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You want visuals!

I should be working, goddamnit, cause if I don't I swear my brain will implode due to the mass of characters congregated in my brain, each desperate to spill their stories onto the page. I'm trying to form them into orderly queues but they keep shuffling about and sneaking in extra friends.

Ahem... However, getting back to the point of this post. BevQB has issued a sort of challenge regarding the appearances of the characters in AGW etc, and has even posted a few of her own. Check them out here.

Well, I don't have any set inspirational celeb pics to post as the definitive versions, but I have cobbled together a few images that have certain resonance with some of the characters, including a few teasing glimpses of what Bella might look like.

Here we go...

Starting with Bella: Note that riding habit (on the right).

Oh, and the original AGW cover isn't too bad a representation, only with less chin.

Next up, Vaughan.
Oh, and I'm very taken with this one cribbed from Bev.

Now this next one is actually of Vaughan's Phantasmagoria costume (ie Vaughan as Sebastian), rather than the man himself. (Note the width of that hat.)

Which I guess, brings us on to Lucerne. Who is mostly this

with a smidge of this

and a dash of vulnerability.

So, that's the main cast. Here are a few of the bit players:

Henry Tristan


The Darleston twins. Actually, this is how I imagine Lord Darleston, rather than Neddy, which only makes sense if you've read Fortuna, and of course, nobody has. So, that's clear as day, as per usual.

And the final image is actually of de Maresi's coat. Let me know what you think. Do any of them even vaguely match up with the images you got from the books?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Lucerne wants...

BevQB wrote: I'm just catching up here but I just had the most unusual reaction to that statement-- I actually teared up at the thought that we would finally get to know Lucerne. Odd thing to say after two previous books, but like you said above, we really don't know what makes Lucerne tick, do we? Although we got a glimpse in Phantasmagoria when we heard HIS side of what happened. I think there's much more to him than what he's let us or even YOU see so far.

I was going to address this in the comments, but then I figured why not bump it up here into a new post just in case anyone else is interested. :)

First off, Bev, you are such a sweetie.

Secondly, I'm not rushing into AGW3. I'm stewing it. Actually, the earliest I envisage working on it properly is the second half of this year, and it might not even happen then. It all depends on other factors. However, I think "Lucerne" is right in that AGW3 will be the book in which we get to know him better. I hadn't really thought about it like that. Vaughan does tend to dominate things, but really much of what I do know about the coming story is centred around Lucerne and what he wants out of life.

Interestingly, when I look back over what little we do know about him from the previous books I don't think the major influences on his behaviour and thinking will come as much of a surprise, although they're not necessarily all that obvious either. Hah, I bet that made loads of sense.

If there's a change in Lucerne going into AGW3 it's in the fact that he doesn't so much realise what he wants, but that he starts looking for ways of getting it and actually formally acknowledging it, rather than just having those things buzzing away in the background.

There, everyone should be nicely confused now:) I shall now further muddy the waters by jumping topics to the Dreaded Contemporary.

I'm nearly at the half way mark....weeeeheeee! Did you all see that in the sidebar?----->

It's nothing like the original concept. Kit's a right barrel of confusion, and I'm worried about whether readers will be able to follow his rather skewed logic, because I suspect at a casual glance his actions don't entirely make sense. One minute he seems to be in hot pursuit of one thing and the next another, and there's a whole mystery about his past wrapped up around that! Hopefully, it'll become clear how his mind works by the end. Maybe it's clear at the beginning but I can't see it. LOL. That'd be about right.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

What happened to the rule of threes?

Yesterday has to have been one of the worse Saturday's ever. It started well enough, if a little early for my tastes, but then everything went wrong. First off, the toilet decided it no longer wanted to flush. The cistern is buggered on it. Actually, it still is due to other dramas taking precedence. Then the car wouldn't start when it was time to take the small one to playgroup. Okay, diesels are a bit finicky in the cold and it's still bloody cold here with patches of snow. Eventually had to walk to and from playgroup and call out the RAC. Apparently, the battery was virtually dead. Managed to get it started in order to drive to the garage and buy and new one. Fitting it involved a dilemma with a wallet and some hay, but it did eventually get fixed.

Then, my laptop which has been a bit wobbly for the last few weeks, completely froze up, so that I had to press the PANIC button. Cue rest of the day trying to restore settings and files and reinstalling various programs and a long phone conversation with a helpline in order to get the computer and router to communicate!

That's three things, right?

So, explain to me why the pilot light on the damn boiler keeps going out, so that we have no heating when it's ruddy freezing.

Result, no writing done. Characters in limbo. Madelynne in a chainsaw mood.

Please send smiles.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How come some scenes seem to drag on forever. All you have to do is kiss her. How bloody hard is that? The thing is, when I actually read this lot back it'll be over in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure what Kit's game is, but he's making things seriously obtuse.

I suppose this is what I get for taking a few days off from writing in order to paint my kitchen. I'm beginning to think that waving a brush about and scrubbing everything with bleach is a more likeable occupation than creative writing. It's certainly far easier on the brain.

Someone tell Kit to stop pissing about in the snow and to get a move on, will yah. Otherwise, all the other characters in my head will start clawing their way out of the isolation pods and start causing all sorts of misery. I can't handle more than one book at a time. It hurts me...

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