Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How come some scenes seem to drag on forever. All you have to do is kiss her. How bloody hard is that? The thing is, when I actually read this lot back it'll be over in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure what Kit's game is, but he's making things seriously obtuse.

I suppose this is what I get for taking a few days off from writing in order to paint my kitchen. I'm beginning to think that waving a brush about and scrubbing everything with bleach is a more likeable occupation than creative writing. It's certainly far easier on the brain.

Someone tell Kit to stop pissing about in the snow and to get a move on, will yah. Otherwise, all the other characters in my head will start clawing their way out of the isolation pods and start causing all sorts of misery. I can't handle more than one book at a time. It hurts me...

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LVLM(Leah) said...

Dammit Kit, behave for Madelynne will ya? Don't you want us to know all about you? You know you do. It isn't going to happen if you keep acting up like that. So get with the program dude. :D

Word Veri: dicadot--- kind of like that. It's catchy.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Dicadot-- it is kind of catchy.

He's sort of behaving, in a screwed up logical only to Kit way. I say kiss the woman and he starts acting weird and spouting random nonsense. Actually, I think it's a diversionary tactic in order to lure poor Evie to him all the faster. It might even be working. However, I've a sneaking suspicion that any readers may not entirely follow his convoluted game plan sigh .