Monday, February 09, 2009

Lucerne wants...

BevQB wrote: I'm just catching up here but I just had the most unusual reaction to that statement-- I actually teared up at the thought that we would finally get to know Lucerne. Odd thing to say after two previous books, but like you said above, we really don't know what makes Lucerne tick, do we? Although we got a glimpse in Phantasmagoria when we heard HIS side of what happened. I think there's much more to him than what he's let us or even YOU see so far.

I was going to address this in the comments, but then I figured why not bump it up here into a new post just in case anyone else is interested. :)

First off, Bev, you are such a sweetie.

Secondly, I'm not rushing into AGW3. I'm stewing it. Actually, the earliest I envisage working on it properly is the second half of this year, and it might not even happen then. It all depends on other factors. However, I think "Lucerne" is right in that AGW3 will be the book in which we get to know him better. I hadn't really thought about it like that. Vaughan does tend to dominate things, but really much of what I do know about the coming story is centred around Lucerne and what he wants out of life.

Interestingly, when I look back over what little we do know about him from the previous books I don't think the major influences on his behaviour and thinking will come as much of a surprise, although they're not necessarily all that obvious either. Hah, I bet that made loads of sense.

If there's a change in Lucerne going into AGW3 it's in the fact that he doesn't so much realise what he wants, but that he starts looking for ways of getting it and actually formally acknowledging it, rather than just having those things buzzing away in the background.

There, everyone should be nicely confused now:) I shall now further muddy the waters by jumping topics to the Dreaded Contemporary.

I'm nearly at the half way mark....weeeeheeee! Did you all see that in the sidebar?----->

It's nothing like the original concept. Kit's a right barrel of confusion, and I'm worried about whether readers will be able to follow his rather skewed logic, because I suspect at a casual glance his actions don't entirely make sense. One minute he seems to be in hot pursuit of one thing and the next another, and there's a whole mystery about his past wrapped up around that! Hopefully, it'll become clear how his mind works by the end. Maybe it's clear at the beginning but I can't see it. LOL. That'd be about right.


Bev(QB) said...

"Bev, you are such a sweetie"
Nah, I'm such a weenie. Who ever heard of tearing up at the THOUGHT of a book?! Geesh!

The one thing I *think* I've figured out about Lucerne is that, while my first impression of him was that he's a peace-maker, I think it's more that he is nonconfrontational to the point of walking away from what he wants rather than fighting for it.

Whether that's because he feels inferior and believes he'd never win what he wants, or can't decide exactly what he wants, or whether he needs to grow some stones, I don't know.

"Hah, I better that made loads of sense."
*snicker* I'm half asleep, but I'm pretty sure that was clear as mud.

Now, unconfoozle me about something. Is Andrei the inspiration for a character in the dreaded contemporary or one of the other bazillion things you are working on?

And while we're on that subject, what's Jude Law doing up there? Do NOT make me argue with you about Lucerne too! Now, if you would be so kind as to post your inspiration for Bella, I would CERTAINLY appreciate that since, as we discussed before, you're stingy with her details. I think it's because you're looking out through her eyes.

Okay, I'm tired enough that I'm getting punch-drunk now. Good Night.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Um, I've teared up at the thought of several books.

Unconfoozling - Andrei sort of strong armed his way into the central role of a recent short story called We Were Lovers Once. Character kind of looked like him anyway. So, nope, he's not in the Dreaded C.

Unconfoozling 2 - Jude's up top cause I happen to like that pose, no other reason. I don't as a rule base character images on famous folk, although occasionally I find a likeness to a character after the fact.

Lucerne is far more angular, anyway.

There is no inspiration for Bella to show you. She's Bella, there's no one like her.

Bev(QB) said...

"Jude's up top cause I happen to like that pose"

PHEW! Okay then, because I'm afraid we really would have had a smackdown about Jude = Lucerne. ;-p