Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You want visuals!

I should be working, goddamnit, cause if I don't I swear my brain will implode due to the mass of characters congregated in my brain, each desperate to spill their stories onto the page. I'm trying to form them into orderly queues but they keep shuffling about and sneaking in extra friends.

Ahem... However, getting back to the point of this post. BevQB has issued a sort of challenge regarding the appearances of the characters in AGW etc, and has even posted a few of her own. Check them out here.

Well, I don't have any set inspirational celeb pics to post as the definitive versions, but I have cobbled together a few images that have certain resonance with some of the characters, including a few teasing glimpses of what Bella might look like.

Here we go...

Starting with Bella: Note that riding habit (on the right).

Oh, and the original AGW cover isn't too bad a representation, only with less chin.

Next up, Vaughan.
Oh, and I'm very taken with this one cribbed from Bev.

Now this next one is actually of Vaughan's Phantasmagoria costume (ie Vaughan as Sebastian), rather than the man himself. (Note the width of that hat.)

Which I guess, brings us on to Lucerne. Who is mostly this

with a smidge of this

and a dash of vulnerability.

So, that's the main cast. Here are a few of the bit players:

Henry Tristan


The Darleston twins. Actually, this is how I imagine Lord Darleston, rather than Neddy, which only makes sense if you've read Fortuna, and of course, nobody has. So, that's clear as day, as per usual.

And the final image is actually of de Maresi's coat. Let me know what you think. Do any of them even vaguely match up with the images you got from the books?


LVLM(Leah) said...

I just went over to Bev's and saw her pics before seeing your post and interesting.

Your version of Lucerne is pretty close to how I kind of sort of imagined him. But Vaughan is different. But the torso version, oh yeah... definitely him. :D

Bev(QB) said...

LOL, you just had to chase the shinies, didn't you?

YES! FINALLY we have a BELLA! WOOT! She is now (to me) the face of the woman reclining in the third picture. I use to try and use the original cover pic, but there was always something that didn't feel right about it.

So evidently we both agree that JRM is a bit too petite for Vaughan's body, and we further agree that Vaughan's more on the lean and wiry side (although your Vaughan body pic has broader shoulders than mine- which would make Nimh's charade a bit tougher to pull off... just sayin' *whistles innocently*).

The Phantasmagoria costume is pretty close to how I pictured it based on your description, so another "check".

But I still have problems inserting JRM's face into my head for Vaughan. Maybe it's because I've got JRM too ingrained as Elvis Presley or something. ;-p But at least we kinda-sorta agree on that brooding/plotting pic I found.

And WOOT! I was definitely on the right track with Jason Lewis for Lucerne!

Hee, I like the "Henry" pic. Although I envisioned him a bit stockier.

Wakefield, yeah, although I'm wondering just how much our (meaning YOUR) vision of him will change by the time you finish AGW3. At least I'm guessing he'll reappear in that one.

Hmmmm... the Darlestons... well, let's see if you can sell that look to me when I read Fortuna. (OOOO, throw down challenge!)

And really, de Maresi's whole outfit is to die for, isn't it?

Kenshin Fa said...

oh, come on!!!! Gackt as Lord Darleston??!!!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Bev, I always chase the shinies.

Agreed that JRM in those pics above is too petite, but JRM in the Tudors with a bit more bulk is close ish. Actually, the shoulders on torso pic I posted are too broad, but the rest is right.

Yes, Henry is stockier than those pic, but that's basically what he looks like only in techicolour.

Yes, Wakefield is in AGW3. I don't think that's a terribly big spoiler.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Kenshin Fa - No, not Gackt as Lord Darleston, just this very specific picture of him with the red hair and the contact lenses.

Of course, Darleston doesn't actually look like this in Phantasmagoria, or most of Fortuna. He has long hair. Neddy has short hair. LOL.

It makes sense in my head... promise.