Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maison Madelynne

Feeling a teeny bit guilty at the moment, because I haven't written anything for a week. It's half-term, so kids and Mr Madelynne are home, and we're decorating! Hence, no writing output from me. The problem is, I know I should be writing. Hell, I have half a million things I really ought to be getting on with, but motivation is at an all time low. Maybe it's the lack of chocolate in the household.

Need to tackle a threesome story next.
Then do some revisions on Enticement.
Then write a proposal
and polish up some older stuff
and then... well, you get the idea.

Speaking of threesomes... Actually, no. Let's not. I feel a major rant coming on and you don't want to read about how annoyed I get by all the ménage stories out there that feature two identical cardboard men, whose only differentiating features are there eye/hair colour. Personality-- what's that? Either, they are loving and caring and want to treat her like a spoilt princess and wrap her in cotton wool, cause they are big and strong and caring, and big, and caring and strong and cardboard. OR They are arrogant over the top stalker twerps from another dimension, who are only capable of having sex together, cause they are.. *gay*... I mean, so into her. Nope, didn't think you were interested in reading about that.

Instead, lets end on a more positive note. I've discovered that there's already a review of Pure Folly out there in blog land. Yipee! Thanks to Elisa Rolle. You can read the review here.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pure Folly Sneak Peak

Ahead of the release date on Monday, I thought I'd share a little sneak preview of Pure Folly.

In this scene, Jude and Alastair have just stumbled upon a book of erotic artwork.


Jude set the lantern upon the desk and blew the dust from a leather-bound tome. The spine cracked as he opened it, but the pages within remained sound save for some minor discolouration due to age. “It appears to be a journal. An artist’s journal.” He flicked through the pages. “It’s all men. Every last page. Best not look too closely.”

“I’m not afraid of a few drawings.” Alastair gave a snort. No, he was simply desperate to see them. Aware of the heat in his cheeks, he bowed low over the desk, until he realised it must appear to Jude that he was studying the obscene drawings.

In a sense he was. The hard masculine beauty portrayed upon the pages called to him, stoked a specific need he’d tried so hard to deny. He wanted to look. Jude had skimmed only the first few vellum leaves. Alastair longed to hug the book to his chest then make a long, slow journey through the pages, taking his time to pour over the details of abdomens and chests, cocks both aroused and flaccid, details of expressions, and of large hands, and naked toes.

Jude held the book open, stopping on a depiction of two men. The first lay hunched over a table, his naked bottom raised high so that the musculature showed. His breeches hung crumpled around the top of his spurred boots. A sword lay discarded upon the floor as he held his buttocks apart so that the second man could direct his rampant staff betwixt them.

Alastair dug his teeth into the tip of his tongue and kept his mouth firmly closed. There was no hint of fear in the expressions of the men, no awareness of their perversity, only love—which made it truly captivating.

“Disgusting or fascinating?” Jude asked. His hazel-green eyes shone as he met Alastair’s gaze.

“We ought to destroy it!” Fear made Alastair blurt. As if he truly wanted to see the pages curl and shrivel into ash. He wanted this book as a primer. Wanted the time to soak up every lovingly rendered image, to study them, and vicariously enjoy their passion as he tossed himself while gazing upon them.

Jude’s raucous laughter pulled him firmly into the present. “Destroy it? What for? Lord Romilly is long dead, and nobody save us even knows it exists. If you don’t care for it, leave it buried here. Or are you too afraid of the potential for corruption? Do the images tempt you, Alastair?”

“No,” he barked, seeking refuge away from the book. But there was no escaping the images, short of smashing every piece of pottery and whitewashing the walls. “Of course, you’re right, we’ll just leave it here and not mention it. The family needn’t be troubled by it. There’s no sense in creating a scandal.”

“No, no sense in causing an upset,” Jude echoed.

Alastair turned away from the desk. He had to leave this room, as much as he wanted what was within it. He’d return sometime—alone. Hell if he hadn’t just discovered a reason to visit this godforsaken tomb. He’d have to take care not to raise eyebrows over that.

Uncomfortable, he shuffled further from the desk. His loins were thrumming with need again, no doubt in the same way other men reacted to lewd depictions of women. However, alongside the arousal lay a bitter ache.

He didn’t want to live his life mooning over pictures. He wanted Jude, flesh and blood, with plenty of sweaty physical contact. If there’d ever been a time to broach the subject, this was it. But while his friend seemed accepting, the risk of revulsion was still too great.


“I’m going to sleep,” he mumbled. Running away seemed the safest action.

Copyright 2009 Madelynne Ellis.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

A night off!

Finished the revisions on Fortuna this afternoon, and sent them off to agent, so I reckon I deserve an evening off from this writing lark, before I start on the revisions for Enticement, and plotting the next book.

In other news, I've succumbed to Twitter. Although, I can't honestly claim to have been sucked into its hold all that much. Mostly, I find it useful to skim for news of what's going on in the world of books.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Battling on

Still battling with Fortuna rewrites. I've done a fair amount of trimming and some re-ordering and that was the easy bit. The more difficult bit is juggling one particular sub-plot to its conclusion where it intersects with the main plot. It needs to be in there, because it's the reason why Giles acts the way he does, but it's giving me a headache trying to find exactly the right place for working it out. I think I've found it, but... I still have my doubts. Maybe that's because I'm so used to having it in its original location.

Meanwhile, I've also been giving Darleston's story more thought. I think I have the backdrop sorted out now, and the supporting cast. Oh, and I'm immeasurably fond of the love interests. Yep, that's meant to be a plural :)

Oh, and only a week to go until Pure Folly is released. Yay! I'm excited. There's already a snippet over on my website, but I might post a sneak peak here as well.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Alive, actually

Knee deep in rewrites, not actually dead. Although, Fortuna may kill me yet. Thank God for Blu Tack and sticky labels. What the hell did people say before some genius invented "wow" in the 1920s? Hates lack of wows. Alternatives--what alternatives--they suck.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I have the cold from hell. Fuzzy head, blocked nose, soar throat, headache, and joints I didn't realise I had are aching. I guess I should be grateful I managed to finish the DC before it hit. Preliminary reports from beta readers suggest it's not so dreaded as the title might suggest.

Anyway, I now seem to have a heap of stuff to do and a brain incapable of doing any of it:

Let's see.

* Dreaded Contemporary revisions (on hold for a week or so until I gain some distance from it)
* Awaiting feedback on historical from agent.
* Take fresh look at Desperate Measures and see if there's anything of merit there. Suspect it requires a new synopsis to reflect the major departure from the original I want to incorporate. If only I knew what the major departure was!
* Start writing new Historical. Yay!
* Prod self until I can face attempting another short story (various calls and invitations outstanding). Hmm...
* Consider ignoring all of the above and writing m/m novella to entertain myself instead
* Better yet, go back to bed for the next two hours.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two Counts of Huzzah

Firstly, Blogger have unlocked my account again so I can actually post. Thank you, Blogger :)

Second, I finally have an agent. I've agreed to have Melissa Jeglinski at the Knight Agency represent me. Melissa is a former Harlequin Editor and I'm thrilled to be working with her, although, I have to say this having an agent lark is taking a while to sink in.

Anyway, she's casting her eyes over a certain project dear to my heart at the moment, before it gets sent into the big wide world... so watch this space for any news.

On a less happy note. My sub for the Black Lace, Affair call didn't make the cut, so I'm in search of a new home for it. It's a bit of an odd story, more focused on the emotional journey of the characters than the erotic aspects (although they are present) so I'm not sure where it'll find a home. We'll see...

Friday, May 01, 2009

The End of the Dreaded Contemporary.

It's done!

I've finished the dreaded bugger. I can't begin to describe what an accomplishment that feels like. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike this book, I'm even slowly, slowly, slowly starting to think it might not be that bad, but it feels like I've been buried in it for ages.

It is still 2009, right?

Scarily, I have an idea for the Dreaded Contemporary 2. Nope, not a follow-on, but set in the same village and featuring characters that crop up in the background of the current DC. But, we'll see. First off I've a short story to write, and a couple of ideas to beat into shape, and then I'm hoping to plunge into writing a historical or going back to the Blood Book. Although, maybe I'll find time to write a m/m novella sometime soon too.

Huzzah... Huzzah... Hurray...

Celebratory picture time

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