Sunday, May 17, 2009

Battling on

Still battling with Fortuna rewrites. I've done a fair amount of trimming and some re-ordering and that was the easy bit. The more difficult bit is juggling one particular sub-plot to its conclusion where it intersects with the main plot. It needs to be in there, because it's the reason why Giles acts the way he does, but it's giving me a headache trying to find exactly the right place for working it out. I think I've found it, but... I still have my doubts. Maybe that's because I'm so used to having it in its original location.

Meanwhile, I've also been giving Darleston's story more thought. I think I have the backdrop sorted out now, and the supporting cast. Oh, and I'm immeasurably fond of the love interests. Yep, that's meant to be a plural :)

Oh, and only a week to go until Pure Folly is released. Yay! I'm excited. There's already a snippet over on my website, but I might post a sneak peak here as well.

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Sedonia Guillone said...

I know - I'm so excited about your release of Pure Folly!