Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving on

So, after last week's shock announcement, I've been busy reassessing my situation and figuring out where to go next. Actually, it hasn't been all that difficult, as all that's really happened is that I have to step up phase one of my world domination plan LOL.

Stuff achieved, so far...

* Changed Enticement (aka the DC) from UK single quotes to US double quotes. This is tedious beyond belief, and takes hours and hours on a 300 pages manuscript.
* Sent it off to agent, along with synopsis and two loosely related short stories.
* Filed Tax Return (relatively painless).
* Had the vaguest smidgen of an idea about four linked Regency set shorts/novellas.
* Have despaired over Desperate Measures (which now has a different title).
* Have despaired over other things too, but largely I find that to be counter-productive and I'm trying to kick the habit.
*Have not eaten any chocolate muffins.

Recently watched: Torchwood
Currently listening to: Silence
Currently reading: Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourne


Erastes said...

Sounds like a good achivement list, apart from the despairing. Don't!

Re speech marks - can't you just find and replace? That's much easier than spending hours and hours on it, surely?

Madelynne Ellis said...

Um, that is with find and replace. You can't just select all, otherwise you end up with weird double barrelled apostrophe's. As chores go, it's pretty horrendous.

Erastes said...

easy fix - then you find "s and replace with 's (also s" and s') yes, a bit fiddly but then it's minutes rather than hours. I'm happy to do it for you next time you need it doing.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Very nice of you to offer, but it was also painstaking because I have an annoying habit of forgetting to put in the closing speech marks, so spent the morning counting 1...2, repeatedly, after I got bored of start...end and open...close.

And of course, I had to ruthlessly eliminate lots of vowels. Although, I did refuse to change any arses.

MB (Leah) said...

I'm really sorry about what happened with BL. I think all you BL authors are amazing and the type of stories BL put out, I really enjoyed.

About deleting vowels and such, I noticed that books from Total-E-Bound have words written in the English way. IE. colour/color, and such. Even books from American authors. Can some of your BL stories be pubbed through them?

What a pain all that stuff is.

But congrats on filing your taxes. :D

Do not despair. And by all means, keep those arses! I prefer arses over asses. :)

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

"as all that's really happened is that I have to step up phase one of my world domination plan LOL."

Yeah! That's the spirit. On girl, on!*

*As Peter O'Toole sez in Supergirl.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm leaning away from Arse these days, I find, and going for Ass. Funny how these things come and go ... just like publishing houses.

But Torchwood was pretty damn good, I thought. Yeah?

Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm still undecided about Torchwood. Bit too much of the flashy big bang stuff to really please me. It was good, but it was BBC1 good, which isn't why I watch Torchwood.