Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enticement sneak peak

I've been busy, busy, busy. However, I finally have a release date for ENTICEMENT. It'll be out in November from Samhain, with the print release ten months after that. It's very exciting, but November does seem a long way off. No cover or official blurb yet, but here's a sneak peak.


Ross scraped his chair back following her route with his gaze. “I’m sure Kit would have given you a hug if you’d asked.”

Evie eyed Ross curiously. He’d pulled his mouth into a somewhat sour expression with his tongue pressed to his teeth. “And why would I want to hug Kit?” The question restored his grin.

“I never said that you wanted to, only that he was available.”

So, he did realize his mate was more of an enticement to sin than was wise to leave alone with your girlfriend. Well, assuming said girlfriend had no will power, which, of course, she did. Although, Kit hadn’t really tried anything on, he’d just told her a story—an undoubtedly fictitious story.

Aware that Ross’s attention hadn’t waned; Evie concentrated on the kitten, afraid that her expression would reveal her inner turmoil. The panther and the pussycat, she thought. They’d both arrived on the same night, and both tugged at her heartstrings, if in entirely different ways. At least the furry addition to the family didn’t leave her heart pounding with turmoil every time they touched. She’d been buzzing from the contact with Kit ever since she left Rose Cottage, her mind still burning with his tale. What had he been trying to achieve with that story? She certainly couldn’t look at Ross in quite the same way, even if she had decided it was pure invention. Maybe that had been Kit’s purpose.

“Something on your mind?” Ross asked. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled the back of her neck.

“Nah, no, it’s nothing.”

“Good.” He squeezed her shoulder. “As long as you’ve forgiven me for last night.”

Last night! She’d never ever forgive him for bringing Kit home, or for not mentioning that they were being spied upon during sex, although she might be appeased. She smiled winningly at Ross, hoping he’d get the message that after her fraught morning with the nefarious Mr. Scrumptious, she needed a good workout.

“Hey, I’m gonna get changed. Back in a few,” Ross said, squashing her fantasy of them getting frisky against the side of the fridge.

Evie listened to the thump of his shoes on the stairs. A few minutes later, he thundered down again, and went out of the front door. Surprised, she strolled into the living room intent upon the window. Halfway there, the phone rang, startling the kitten, who began to squirm. “Hello,” she muttered into the mouthpiece, still juggling the yowling fur ball.

“Ah, good afternoon, Ms Latham,” Ross’s voice echoed down the line, presumably from his mobile, or else he’d nipped across the green to the call box. “This is Rent a Fantasy calling to let you know that your order is just five minutes away.” The emphasis on certain words made him sound like a cross between a double-glazing salesman and a cheesy game-show host.

“My what?” She laughed into the receiver. Phone wedged between her shoulder and ear, and now trying to extract the kitten’s claws from her shoulder, Evie tweaked back the curtain, but couldn’t see any sign of Ross.

“Oh, I am sorry, madam.” Ross’s voice lost its screech of excitement and turned butler serious. “Do you mean to say you didn’t order your free trial from this month’s catalogue of mouth-watering man whores?”

“Man whats?”

“Whores, madam. Mouth-watering man whores. They’re on special at the moment.”

Determined to find out exactly what Ross was up to, Evie returned to the kitchen and dropped the kitten into her box, before checking out of that window too. Ross stood at the bottom of the garden, huddled between their decrepit shed and the line of Norwegian Spruces. He appeared to be wearing his favorite pinstriped business suit

“Well,” she hedged. Maybe he had something better than a kitchen quickie in mind. “Now that I think about it that does sound familiar. Perhaps if you reminded me of the order.”

“One man-whore, required for subjugation, extreme tongue gymnastics and repetitive solitary stimulation. Intercourse, verbal and otherwise optional, but not required.” he read as if off a sheet. “You did request an outdoor location, but I’m afraid we only do home visits with our free samples.”

Laughing now, Evie opened the back door and made her way down the steps into the garden. “You know, I think I see him coming.”

“Oh, no,” he assured her. “He’d never do that without your express permission.”

“Ross,” she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Evie, you’re supposed to stay inside.” He hung up and pushed the mobile into his back pocket. “Honestly, woman.”

“Shh!” She slid her hand inside his jacket and up around the collar of his shirt, before teasing him with a gentle kiss.


Evie grabbed him by the tie and walked him back towards the house, already planning out what to do to him. That tie would be coming off first and going back on around his wrists. She’d keep his belt fastened and just undo his fly to get out his cock, so she could see how aroused he got from licking her.

She saw Kit’s feet first, a pair of black leather winklepickers. He stood on the back door step holding the cat. “Both doors are open,” he said, his brow crumpled. “Are they supposed to be?” Then quickly followed with: “Oops, sorry! Guess my timing’s a bit off again,” when he caught sight of Ross. “Maybe I’ll just go make myself scarce in the shed, or my room, or something.”

“Forget it,” Evie snapped, unable to prevent her annoyance from permeating her voice. Sex was off the menu while Kit was in the house. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t standing over them, he’d still be listening, and he’d still be aware of what they were up to. For a fleeting moment she pictured him on the narrow single bed in the guest room, his leather trousers pushed down and his cock thick in his hand. She wasn’t making love to Ross with that image in her head.

“Evie,” Ross protested, when she let go of his tie.

“It’ll save.” She gave him a second, sloppier kiss and patted his bum. “Why don’t you two go over to the pub and play catch up for a while.” She stormed inside before either of them had the chance to argue.

Damn Kit! Damn him to the infernal pits of hell.

Copyright 2009, Madelynne Ellis. Not to be reproduced.


Bev(QB) said...

I pop in to catch up and what do I find? You're freakin' going with SAMHAIN! They're a class act all the way, so HUGE CONGRATS! Any word on Fortuna and/or Darleston's (I know I probably murdered that spelling) stories being pubbed anywhere? Besides Pure Folly anything else pubbed that I missed? Although, as much as I luvses you, my eyes can't take the ebooks right now, so PF is just going to have to stay on my list for the time being.

Sedonia Guillone said...

I soooo want to read this book!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Thanks, Sedonia. November's not so long to wait, right?

Bev - You didn't murder anything. That's exactly how you spell Darleston. Nope, don't think you've missed any releases since Pure Folly. I've written plenty, but not much of it has sold yet.

No news on Fortuna yet. It's still doing the NY rounds, and NY is notoriously slow. And as for Darleston, I haven't even properly begun writing his story yet. It's outlined, but that's as far as it's got.

Thanks for stopping by.