Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Seriously under the weather today. Seriously, as in can't keep my eyes open. Think some sort of energy vampire must have sucked me dry last night. Alternatively, it could simply be that I'm overdue for a holiday.

Yeah, off next week, and I'm going to try and leave my work at home.

The bloody book keeps getting longer. I don't mean in the sense that I'm racking up huge word counts each day, but in the sense that the goal posts for finishing keep moving. Extra chapters keep springing up and then I have to find titles for them. Stupid chapters!

No idea what people are going to make of Blaze. He's certainly no typical alpha male. People have to look after him, and rescue him, and the whole prince thing just sits ill with him. I suspect he'd be much happier if everyone just let him go home to quietly read a book or wash his socks.


Sedonia Guillone said...

Hey Madelynne - hope you get some good rest. hugs!

Saskia Walker said...

Hope you're getting a relaxing Easter break!