Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mucho chores, not enough action.

Yikes, it's been a month. Well, almost a month since I checked in. And a gloriously hellish month it's been too. I've seen the inside of far too many hospital wards, spent hours talking to doctors, nurses and other assorted medical personnel. I've eaten lots of less than appetising hospital food and ended up ruddy exhausted.

However, it is calm again now. I can get back to the creative stuff, right...right?

Chapter 12 turned into a 12K epic. Had to slice it in half and then invent another chapter title or three, just when I had them all worked out. sigh. Actually, all my chapters keep turning into mini novellas. It's as if my brain has somehow figured that I have to match the word count to the chapter number. Gawd help me when I reach chapter twenty.

Chapter 14 currently consists of about 14 words. The first part of which is "I am stuck. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks!" I seem to have hit a mental road block. I know what's supposed to happen next, there's just a bit of filling in to do first, only ..................nada............. I guess it's the quiet before the storm, but really, I think I am actually supposed to write some text.

Teeny sneaky peeky at what's been going on...

Blaze twitched, as though he’d been slapped, and pounced upon the double wedge of meat and bread instead of Raven. As he wolfed down the sandwich, taking rapid bite after bite, he barely tasted the meat to know whether Sorrow’s assessment of its composition had been correct.

It wasn’t bloody enough; he knew that for a fact. He had to content himself with licking smears of pickle from his fingertips. The snack simply hadn’t filled the hollow pit in his stomach. “Need another.”

Raven shrugged his shirt off over his head. “What you need you’re not going to find in a sandwich.” He crooked his head to one side exposing his neck from collarbone to jaw. Beneath his skin lay the firm throb of his pulse.

Blaze stared at him gobsmacked, hardly able to comprehend what was being offered. Still dazed he started forward, only to pause, his hands splayed over the firm slabs of muscle that comprised Raven’s chest. “No. Not with you. It ain’t…”

"It ain’t what, Blaze? This isn’t heading any place we haven’t been before. I know things have changed but I can’t obliterate the past to match up with however you think we should behave now.”

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Victoria Janssen said...

INteresting snippet....

Saskia Walker said...

You have my full admiration for all that you manage to get done, with all that going on.

Mm, fascinating excerpt!