Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Through some random surfing (okay, on Amazon) I've learned that A Gentleman's Wager is due to be reprinted in August 2010. I'm not sure if that's worldwide or just the UK. More details when I know them. Hmm, wonder if it'll have a new cover... Exciting stuff.


Bev(QB) said...

Okay, first of all, I thought Black Lace went out of business? If so, how can they re-release anything?

Secondly, an AGW reprint isn't showing up on the US Amazon (yet?).

Thirdly, Great Balls of WTF! Why would they offer Phantasmagoria on Kindle, but not book 1, AGW?! I am laying the evil hex eye on who or what holds the Black Lace rights.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Bev, Black Lace aren't putting out any new titles, but the imprint still technically exists. They're owned by Random House.

I don't know if the reprint is UK only or worldwide yet.

As for why the offer Phantasmagoria but not AGW on Kindle...Seriously, I wish I had a sensible answer to that.

Sedonia Guillone said...

That's really cool, Madelynne!