Monday, March 22, 2010

Tag-o-rama revealed

Okay, a week is up, so time to reveal the truth and lies, and determine if we have a winner.

1. I once fell out of a tractor, while it was moving.

Nope, I've never been inside a tractor to have the opportunity to fall out of one moving or otherwise.

2. Parsnips are my totally favourite vegetable, and I especially like them roasted.

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Parsnips are the spawn of Satan, and are sneaky to boot. They disguise themselves as roast potatoes which is just plain evil.

3. I was once hit by a car while wearing a large cardboard box, which I was sharing with someone else.

Is completely and utterly true! I was taking part in a sponsored three-legged walk at the time dressed as a grandfather clock along with a girl named Sally. The car went into the side of us. Thankfully only the box was dinted.

4. I now own 37 pairs of boots.

Hang on, let me do a quick count... Nope, only four pairs, alas.

5. I once ate a sausage and strawberry sandwich. Yummy!

I most certainly didn't, but my daughter did the morning of the original post. Although, to be fair I think she changed her mind after three bites.

6. One of my favourite books is about a man named Odo.

Yes, it is! It so is. I know, Odo is a truly terrible name, but the man is sex on a stick. He is of course Lord Wraxall, from Lord Wraxall's Fancy.

7. I once had to call the police to search a hillside for two goblins.

Ah, Janine, you'd have lost your money. While I've never had to call the police to search for goblins, we've often joked about it, and we did write the local police a charming letter one time explaining that there would be goblins on the hillside. And, they did drive past to check.

So, a winner... The winner is... Charlotte. Who receives a copy of Pure Folly. How utterly splendidly clever of you to get them right. I shall have to be extra guarded in what I say around you now, because clearly you remember everything.

To all those of you who thought I'd eat a sausage and strawberry sandwich-- you're nuts! To Bev, I'd just like to clarify the goblins mentioned above were all over 18. Also, to be fair, they weren't nearly as bad as some of the things on that hillside.


Janine Ashbless said...

Ah, penniless again...

But you've done rather better over on my blog Madelynne!

Bev(QB) said...

Ah, so the goblins intentionally wandered off, possibly for some clandestine hillside goblin lovin'.
*just gave myself a Muskrat Love earworm*

"I was taking part in a sponsored three-legged walk at the time dressed as a grandfather clock along with a girl named Sally."
Weird. Our three legged races over here involve burlap sacks. It just begs the question, "WHY were you dressed up as a grandfather clock?"