Sunday, April 18, 2010

Complicated stuff.

I've been concentrating on world building the last few day. I know, 90K into the book seems an odd place to focus on logistics, but the world building in question focuses on one very specific aspect of the plot and the actual details of how it all works haven't mattered until this point, hence I've been muddling along on a wing and prayer.

Anyway, the nature of souls and just exactly how demons differ from humans in that regard has now been neatly organised. Who'd have known that my decision way back for everyone to be possessed of two souls would result in such a headache, or have such major implications for the plot.

I'm rubbing my hands together in glee here. Seriously, I love it when all the spaghetti loops in my head unravel and turn out to be one straight line. Love it. Everything fits. I dunno how it works. I really don't, but somehow all the convoluted knots turn out to be nothing at all once you know which strand to pull.

I've named these two souls of my invention the Ti and the Ci'th. Don't ask why because I don't have an answer to that. The names just fit, so I'm using them. Anyway, let me tell you, the way it all works makes the humans addiction to demon dust doubly disturbing, as if it wasn't bad enough to start with. LOL.

Still grinning here...

Oh, and costume pics soon. I promise, as soon as I've cropped people's heads off. Gawd, I'm hopelessly slow these days, aren't I. Forgive me, I'm buried in a book. :)

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