Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm playing around with the blog at the moment, as is completely apparent to anyone who stops by. Thought it was time for a change. I like this skin, but I don't know if I'll stick with it yet. I miss the third column. I just can't squeeze as much into two columns. Opinions?

Not much writing done this week, as I've had other things to work on, like writing the blurb and various other bits of marketing whatnot for Enticement. I've also done a bit on a kinky short story/novella. Don't know which it is yet. Guess it'll depend entirely on the word count when I finish. I'm enjoying what I've written of it so far. It's fun and light-hearted (well for me anyway) and it's not a 106K monster.

Anyway, I'm off for a long weekend away in the morning. Back soon.

M xx

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm finished...

... just needed to say that.

Not that I am actually finished, but I've reached the end of the first draft. Only a few rounds of edits and the big clean up to go.

Let me tell you a secret... come closer, I'll whisper.

I like edits! Seriously, it's perhaps my favourite bit of the entire novel writing process. It's the point where I get to sit back and enjoy the story while I fine tune things. There's no stressing about how it's all going to link together to contend with, and no worries about whether I'll ever manage to complete the blasted thing. It's just nice tweakedy pokery fun.

Not that I have any intention of starting said fun right away. Nope. This beastie that I've created needs to settle down in a nice dark room and gather some dust. I plan to return to it in a month, but in all honesty, I'll be amazed if I actually hold out that long.

Meanwhile, next project... Lots of stuff in the sidebars to contemplate, but no clear winner yet. Are Vaughan and Darleston going to battle it out? Will I revisit the Whore or be lured in by an Edwardian mystery? Perhaps a bit of m/m bonding is required. Or, you know, I might just take a break and paint my house.

M xx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return from the Void

Um, helloooooo!

Yep, sorry about that, not only have I been competing for the world's most abysmal blogger award by not posting for nearly a month, I still haven't finished the Bloody Book that was supposed to be done by the end of April at the latest.

Seriously, 103K and I'm so, so, close that the end is just over the horizon behind that half-crazed alchemist, but he keeps on drawing things out of the ether and flinging them in the way. Pretty soon I'm going to have one of his damn magical whatnots misfire so I can have someone tie him up and throw him off a roof. Actual plot be damned.

Please, whoever it is who keeps on moving the finishing line could you quit, could ya? The plot bunnies in my head are multiplying and its really hard to write with them jumping about all over and eating all the lovely foliage that I keep around to provide shady corners for my shady characters to lurk within.


Anyhow, May isn't going so well. I've seen the insides of far too many hospital and hotel rooms and I'd really like June to be a nice, quiet month in which I do nothing but sit in the sunshine and doodle on notepads. Failing that, I'll settle for rain and a months supply of coffee and biscuits with which to indulge myself while working on the proposal for my NEXT novel.

I'm sorry Blaze, my lovely. I think you're wonderful, I truly do, but it's been nine months and I'm sure you must have got to grips with the whole demon thing by now. What's that? 100K only covers four days of time...golly, does it really. Well, four days is quite a long time really, and you can handle it seeing how your a big boy and all that.

Okay, time to go bust some Talon butt.

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