Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm finished...

... just needed to say that.

Not that I am actually finished, but I've reached the end of the first draft. Only a few rounds of edits and the big clean up to go.

Let me tell you a secret... come closer, I'll whisper.

I like edits! Seriously, it's perhaps my favourite bit of the entire novel writing process. It's the point where I get to sit back and enjoy the story while I fine tune things. There's no stressing about how it's all going to link together to contend with, and no worries about whether I'll ever manage to complete the blasted thing. It's just nice tweakedy pokery fun.

Not that I have any intention of starting said fun right away. Nope. This beastie that I've created needs to settle down in a nice dark room and gather some dust. I plan to return to it in a month, but in all honesty, I'll be amazed if I actually hold out that long.

Meanwhile, next project... Lots of stuff in the sidebars to contemplate, but no clear winner yet. Are Vaughan and Darleston going to battle it out? Will I revisit the Whore or be lured in by an Edwardian mystery? Perhaps a bit of m/m bonding is required. Or, you know, I might just take a break and paint my house.

M xx


Victoria Janssen said...

Hurray for the done draft!

Sedonia Guillone said...

That's really wonderful. I don't relish edits at all, but I do share that satisfied feeling that comes with finishing a manuscript. :)