Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot Romance

I made a sale today, which was a reason for much yaying and wiggly bum dancing. Seriously, I'm really hyped about this one, far more than I normally am about short story sales. Let me back track a moment, seem to have missed the important bit.

"We Were Lovers Once" is going to appear in the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, which is out Spring 2011. More info as I get it.

Anyway, yeah... I'm stoked over this one. Let me see, it's great to have anything accepted, and it's really cool to work with a new editor, but mostly I'm chuffed over this one because of the story, and it means that a hunch paid off. Thing is--and the title is probably a give away-- this isn't a typical love and roses sort of romance. It's melancholy. It starts at a funeral (the clues are in the title folks), and it's about love, and loss, and desire, passion, sacrifices and regrets, and all the things we do that we wish we could do differently. Which is why I love it to bits so much.

I'm so excited now... Had to read it through again just to make sure I still loved it. Result: I got dragged in and made myself cry. (Honestly, I know, it's sad that I cry at my own stories.)

But, hurray, someone (an editor) liked my story. Happy day.


Sekrit Shoppa said...

Fantastic news! Firstly, because it's good! Secondly, because I love it when a story that bucks the trends and expectations gets accepted! Thirdly, because we're in an antho together again! Yay!

(Is that enough exclamation marks?)

Madelynne Ellis said...

I think you may have used your exclamation mark quota for the day.
Yay, to being in an antho with you again.

Saskia Walker said...

I can't wait to read your story, Madelynne. You're so good at portraying the range of emotions, it's bound to be a great read. And we're sharing pages, which makes me happy!!

Sedonia Guillone said...

Major congratulations, Madelynne. I'm sure it's a fabulous story. Hugs! Wish I could have seen your wiggly bum dancing.Sorry I missed that, really. lol

Sugar said...