Sunday, July 18, 2010

WIP update

I'm back to the historicals at the moment, working on a new series of short novellas set in the 1790's at a house party. The first one is written, bar a bit of a clean up and the second is in progress. I'm planning for there to be eight in total (don't know if they'll all be the same length at this point), but I'm not anticipating writing them all at once. I'm aiming for batches of three...hmm, that doesn't quite work out but, anyway... I'm having fun with them, and they're providing a nice break from the Bloody Books. August is gearing up to be revision month on that one, assuming I manage to accomplish anything during the school holidays.

Following that, I'm looking at Darleston and Vaughan Bk 3 for September. Not sure which of them will win out yet. I could end up swapping between them, assuming something else doesn't crop up in he meantime.

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