Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Ellis Report

Lots happening on the writing front over the last few days as I've been finishing off several novellas ready to send to my agent. I know I haven't really mentioned them, but they have appeared in the sidebar if anyone has being paying attention to that.

Let see, there's  the Crazy Stuffz novella, which is really an erotic contemporary about a couple who invite another man into their relationship because the man wants to watch his partner with another man.

Then there's two Georgian-set stories both set at the same House party. I'm really excited about these as they'll hopefully be the first two parts of a series of eight, each about a different couple, but with characters that crop up throughout. And of course they're historical.

I've also been working with some new crit partners, and attempting to figure out Goodreads.

Next task is to give the Bloody book a once over, and then I'm gearing myself up to writing Darleston's book possibly concurrently with AGW3. No one hold me to that though, I could change my mind.

Oh, and all this is happening around my continued quest for a new house and learning to drive! Lots of fun!

Recently watched: True Blood Season 2
Currently listening to: Re:born by Gackt
Currently reading: Just finished Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane. Just starting Gabriel's Woman by Robin Schone.

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Sedonia Guillone said...

Hey Madelynne - sounds like you're writing lots of juicy stuff! I sent you a message via Goodreads. Love, Sedonia