Sunday, September 26, 2010

When it pours...

Holy moly, major revisions ahoy! It's been a week of frantic activity. Monday I'd decided that I'd need another three weeks to finish off the changes I had planned for the Bloody book. Some of the anticipated tweaks involved the writing of major new scenes. Tuesday word came back from my agent that they were required sooner, only I was too busy taking my driving theory test to worry about it right then.

Um, I passed BTW.

So, several days of frantic revisions later. I've been averaging over 6,000 words a day (why can't I do that normally?) and I have a far more polished book and a stronger ending, and less of a saggy middle (okay so my actual middle is pretty saggy due to being glued to a chair).

In amongst all this we've finally seen some movement on the house front, and the kiddies have decided to learn guitar.


Saskia Walker said...

Exciting things happening on all fronts! Typical that it all happens at once. Hang in there.

Jessica said...

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