Sunday, October 03, 2010

New things

Revisions on the Bloody Book are finally done and it's currently sitting on a certain editor's desk, hopefully making a good impression. Naturally, I already miss it. I'd grown to love those characters and the crazy high jinks they get up to in the process of trying to do things right. The other thing is that I think writing UF is where my voice really comes through, more so than when writing historical settings. That said, I'm now making a long intended return to my historical projects.

I have this crazy idea about writing Darleston's book (HHL) concurrently with AGW3 (TSK). I've no idea if this will actually work long term, but it might get me the proposals done.

Other plans for the future now include,
* a sequel to the Bloody Book.
* finishing the Whore
* a preposterous idea for an Edwardian-set paranormal (sort of)
* and another m/m novella.

I think I need to and another contemporary on to that lot somehow.

I know I moan outrageously while I'm writing contemporaries, but having just gone through the final line edits for Enticement, I don't think I do too bad a job :)

I think I may need a rotating system, UF, historical, contemp, UF etc... Oh, hang on, that's essentially what I have been doing. Guess it must be working.

Of course, I won't be making any great progress on anything if the house sale goes ahead. Too much to do re: packing and decorating. Fingers crossed.
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