Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Plotting Insanity

Although not a book, I might add. Nope, I've spent the day putting together bits and pieces for my Advent Calendar, which you might have noticed the tab for a little way above this post. Probably because I haven't spend loads of time blogging for some time now, I'd forgotten just how much of a pain Blogger can be when it comes to lining up pictures. Grr, curse thee Blogger. However, I battled it out and hopefully have prevailed. I guess we'll find out when the first scheduled post pops into life on Wednesday.

In the meantime I thought I might offer a bit of temptation with regards to what's coming...

a bit of this...

and a touch of this...

along with a plethora of excerpts, guest posts, puzzles, prizes and hopefully (assuming I actually knuckle down and write it) a brand new short story or two featuring a few favourite characters.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ten Excuses

I've been in a bit of a writing slump recently. Last Saturday's outing to Manchester to meet Janine Ashbless and Charlotte Stein helped a lot with that. I always come back from meetings with other writers feeling far more positive. Maybe it's the realisation that we're all in the same boat. It's also fun to sit around chatting about projects and publishers all day without your companions wondering what the devil you're warbling on about.

All that said, I'm still not making much headway, so I thought I'd take stock and look at why that is. Here goes with the excuses...

1) I spend half of my time in hospital appointments! For example I've attended 2 so far this week (bear in mind that one of those lasted from 8.30am - 5.00pm, then add 1-2 hours travel time on top.)I have another to attend tomorrow, then a 3 day long appointment next week.

2) If I'm not in a hospital appointment, there's a good chance I'm at the hotel next door to the hospital sharing a room (and computer) with a six year old.

3)It's very hard to write erotica/erotic romance with a six year old trying to look over your shoulder. Attempting to write urban fantasy doesn't improve the situation much.

4)If I'm not busy with 1-3, I'm probably cleaning, because I'm TRYING to sell my house.

5)I'm also learning to drive. Driving lessons eat money and time.

6) I still do all the other normal things that every other parent is expected to do.

7) Apparently it's nearly Christmas!

8) If I don't buy a new calendar soon, my head with probably explode from the pressure of trying to keep track of the six zillion appointments I have to remember.

9) I have no faith in my writing (except for the days when I think I rock).

10) I need a minimum of six and a half hours sleep each night or my brain stops working. Really, I can't cut it down to any less than that.

So yeah, that's my excuses for why I've only written 162,500 words so far this year rather than the 240,000 words I'd like to have written.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ai Press 3 for 2 offer.

Ai Press is having a Buy 2 Get One Sale! Good for e-books bought directly
from Ai Press. Offer not valid at reseller sites. Once you've purchased
two titles, you'll receive an e-mail asking you for your third title of choice
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thirteen Facts about Enticement

1. I've sold this book twice. Once to Black Lace (who then closed before it released) and then to Samhain.
2. I had two offers on this book within a hour of each other!
3. Kit also appears in Woe in Kabukicho, available from Ai Press.
4. Evie's real name is Evangeline.
5. Kinky neighbours Jason and Saul appear in their very own short story (as yet unreleased)
6. They were originally called Jason and Issac until I realised that probably wasn't a good idea.
7. Kirkley is a fictional village but is situated in approximately the same area as the actual village of Kirklington.
8. Kit earned a very comfortable living as a host.
9. I converted the text to US spelling when I sold to Samhain only to then have to change them back to UK spellings.
10. Kit never wears denim.
11. Ross's partner in the veterinary practice is called Harvey.
12. The book appears with the second version of the cover on the front. I wasn't keen on the Ross and Evie figures in the first version.
13. I can't wait for the print version next year.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Release Day

Okay, so it's a teeny bit late, since the release was actually on November 2nd, but sometimes life likes to throw the odd spanner in the works.

However, there are no spanners in my new release. Nope, Enticement is a nice bit of saucy fun set in a Yorkshire village, featuring in order of appearance. Evie- who is definitely looking for domestic bliss, and not at all keen on adopting the village strays. Kit - a bad boy with a taste for skimpy shorts and kinky shenanigans. And Ross, who is just a tiny bit obsessed with thunderstorms.

Buy Linky bit: Enticement is available now from Samhain.

And for Kindle here.

The official blurb:

Once trouble moves in, it can throw a kink in your plans.

Evie’s future finally looks as tidy as the Yorkshire house she shares with Ross, her serious boyfriend. Until she comes home and sneaks into his after-work shower—and discovers she’s just jumped a naked stranger with mysterious, deep-running ties to Ross’s past.

Fresh from a bartending stint in Japan, Kit plans to move into his newly inherited house as soon as it gets a roof. Meanwhile, his old friend Ross has offered him a spare room. How better entertain himself than by pushing Evie’s buttons…and her boundaries?

Risk isn’t Ross’s style—at least, not anymore—but then again, he was never able to say no to Kit. Memories of their wild adventures still spice his sexual fantasies. Fantasies that could cost him Evie’s love, if she knew.

Captured by Kit’s bad-boy charm, Evie finds her vision of domestic bliss rapidly fading in the growing intensity of Kit’s dark sexuality. Kit knows he’s playing fast and loose with Ross and Evie’s relationship, but he’s certain he can win them over and have what he’s always wanted. A three-way romance.

Even if his last attempt ended in a disaster that comes back to haunt them all…