Saturday, December 04, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 4: Merry Puzzlement

Phew, day 4 already! We're having a break from easy reading today and I'm posing a few fiendish questions instead. Answers in the comments please. I'll draw a random winner to receive an ebook copy of Pure Folly.

Fair warning, it'll help to have some knowledge of my books.

Q1: Dark Designs

Painting: THREE GORGONS, Gustav Klimt

The set of triplets in Dark Designs are referred to as the Gorgons. Can you work out which of the Gorgons is which from their statements? Bear in mind that while Eloise is always truthful, Severina occasionally tells a porker, and Lucretia’s reality is never to be trusted.

From left to right.

A: “The sister standing next to me is Eloise.”
B: “I’m Sev. Mind the fangs.”
C: The sister next to me? She’s Lucretia.”

Q2: E is for Enticement

Two of our players shared a secret kiss underneath the mistletoe, but can you work out who they were based on what you know of Lillianna’s character from Enticement? (To clarify, four of her statements are true and two are false.)

 A Lillianna says “Ross is totally a 10 on the Hot List. I’d so do him now.”
 B Lillianna says “Those two have been shagging forever.”
 C Lillianna says “Ross isn’t wearing Evie’s lipstick.”
 D Lillianna says “I definitely snogged Kit.”
 E Lillianna says “No, Evie and Kit aren’t the couple.”
 F Lillianna says “I don’t do girls. Ewww!”

Q3: A Gentleman's Wager
The moonlight barely penetrated the dark avenues. Bella used the cool brush of waxy leaves against her open palms to guide her as she walked blindly into the unknown. The darkness felt limitless after the closeness of the house. After several turns, the crunch of gravel beneath her feet stopped abruptly and the high hedges gave way to enough moonlight to reveal a small paved courtyard surrounded by tall pines on three sides, and on the fourth by a brick folly.

Help Bella find her way from the folly at the centre of the maze back to Lauwine Hall.

Q4. Phantasmagoria/Fortuna

Can you place Fortuna and her 8 siblings in age order from oldest to youngest based on the clues below?

Names: Fortuna, Katherine, Sarah, Mercy, Mae, Gabriel, Sophia, Patience, & Alicia. 

Year of Birth: 1774, 1776, 1778, 1779, 1781, 1783, 1786, 1789.


1. Alicia is not the oldest child, nor the sixth.
2. Mae is younger than the twins, who were born in 1779.
3. Gabriel, the only boy, is neither the oldest or youngest child.
4. Fortuna was born in a year ending in a 6. She is older than both Alicia and Mae.
5. Sarah married in 1800, aged 26.
6. One twins name begins with an M, the other with a P.
7. Kitty came next after Mae.
8. The youngest child bears a name beginning with S.
9. Gabriel comes between the two girls whose names begin with M.

Remember to post your answers in the comments.

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