Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Calender Day 21: Dear Santa

For this Christmas what I'd really like is a nice, empty room that I can occupy with my laptop in order to get down to some serious writing. I currently have five books sitting on my hard drive awaiting my attention and it'd be cool if I could get to them.

On which subject a contract or three would be super amazing. It's not like I'm asking for miracles here, since I have several projects already sitting on editors desks, so all you'd have to do is give them a bit of a nudge. Maybe threaten them with mince pie withdrawal or suggest you might leave Rudolph under the Xmas tree alongside their brand new kindle. I'm sure reindeer aren't that up on technology and so wouldn't think twice about where they were stepping. Not that I'm trying to be mean or anything.

I'd also like to pass my driving test, if that's okay with you. That's my car driving test BTW, not my sleigh flying test. I'm happy to leave that up to the expert. Besides, I really couldn't afford the reindeer upkeep.

If you could also make the house move go smoothly that would be ace.

Returning to writing, I'd like a fan letter please. One that is full of glowing praise about my world-building, and how amazing my characters are. I know I've had one or two before, but praise is good for the soul, especially when you're busy freezing to death.

BTW what's with the Arctic snow!

Hmm! Gloves! I think I'd better wish for a new pair. Fingerless ones, please, so that I can type my magnum opus while freezing to death. (I hope you're noting my dedication to my art here.)

Best regards,


PS. If you could see to persuading Gackt and Johnathan Rhys Meyers to drop round for a threesome that would be most awesome of you too. Failing that Zachary Quinto would do as a stand in. You might have to distract Mr Madelynne first. I suggest you write an updated version of Ultima Underworld for PS3 move or Wii. That ought to keep him busy for a month or two.

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Nikki Magennis said...

I hope all your wishes are delivered, Madelynne!