Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet things.

I have a bit of news that I've been sitting on for a little while now, and which I'm still sitting on, because I don't believe in spilling the beans until the contracts are all signed and whatnot. However, I will say that it's a first for me, and that I'm completely thrilled to have something with this publisher.

More soon, I promise. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 Things that have p*ssed me off this week.

1. Estate Agents
2. The lack of empty packaging boxes in my house.
3. The weight of my TBR pile!!!
4. The ache in my left knee.
5. The insistence on calling me while I'm at the hospital. It's not like I'm unavailable the rest of the week.
6. The big dip in my word count from what I'd like it to be.
7. The Synopsis I've failed to write.
8. Did I mention Estate Agents?
9. Maybe I should add dodgy surveyors to that list.
10. Crazy pet rabbits, that won't come in out of the cold. You'll freeze to death, you stupid animal.
11. My flagging sense of humour.
12. Having to get up at 6am. I'm a night owl. I'd much rather be going to bed then.
13. Hmm, and dare I say it, the lack of chocolate in the house, even though it's really bad for me.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

General Update

It's been a busy, busy week. I've not got nearly enough writing done. Instead, I've been packing boxes and filling in exciting solicitors forms. Actually, a few good things have come of all this sorting in order to move house. I found - I say found, but I knew they were there all along - a couple of old notebooks from when I was writing Phantasmagoria. Naturally, I had to take a peek.

I was surprised at just how many notes I'd made for AGW3 (TSK), so they've been put in a safe place to refer to before long. Nope, I'm not imminently starting AGW3 as I'm still knee deep in Darleston's book. However, I think I might start writing the bit that happens before Darleston's book and AGW3 which links the two books and essentially sets them up.

Not quite sure how it'll turn out. It's basically when Darleston and Vaughan met for the night and.did some talking, made decisions and then parted ways. It'll probably never been seen by anyone but me, but I need to know what they said to each other that makes them both act, and naturally they won't tell me that unless I actually write it down. I'm still excited by it though :)

Recently watched: BSG (currently enjoying a mammoth rewatching with Mr Madelynne).
Currently listening to: Musica Alhambra by Juan Martin
Currently reading: The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

Monday, January 10, 2011

How I do Titles

I thought I'd share a few thoughts on titles today. I know a lot of writers find them incredibly hard to come up with. I'll admit that most of my books start out as . They only transform into an actual title when something better occurs to me. Sometimes that happens quite quickly, sometimes they'll go through several possibles until I find one that I'm happy with. Some books I finish and still don't have an proper title for. The most recent example of a book like that would be Fortuna. I've never been able to come up with something else that really fits. But then, Fortuna herself, who was named on a whim, turned out to have more in common with the goddess she was named after than anticipated. (Sidenote: One of the characters in Blood Moon who was given his name purely because I liked it, turned out to have a hell of a lot of the qualities of the thing he's named after.)

The other problem with titles for me, is that I really like them to have some deeper resonance with the story.

For example:

Pure Folly - The two men spend the night in a haunted folly, and engage in homosexual behaviour, which is downright dangerous giving the historical setting.

Passion of Isis - I'll admit, very few people seem to get the title for this one. Simply, Adie spends the whole book chasing around looking for Osiris's missing cock.

Phantasmagoria - I'm not going to dissect that one. I'm just going to link it to Bev QB's review, which explains it perfectly.

The best times title wise, are when I have a title right at the outset and can then write the book to fit. Darleston's book, which I'm writing at the moment is a fine example of one of those. What's it called? I'm not ready to share yet. :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cover Attempt

Today featured way, way too much ironing. Back is now killing me but I have conquered the Christmas clothing mountain. Shame that by tomorrow evening it'll be inching it's way up again. Anyway, after all my hard work I figured I deserved some fun. This beauty is what I created. Hehe... I'm very proud of my first attempt at a cover. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it was fun all the same, even if it did involve a rather steep learning curve. Don't think I'll be giving up the day job just yet though.

Reading List for 2010

Hmm, I didn't do so well on my reading target this year, probably because a hell of a lot of my spare time was sucked up with house viewing. Final score was 30 books. Not horrible, but not great either. No wonder my TBR pile is still enormous. I did discover some new to me authors and enjoyed some old favourites. And nothing in there was too meh! Either I'm good at picking out what I like or I just got lucky.

Here's the list:

# Dark Road to Darjeeling, Deanna Raybourn
# Control, Charlotte Stein
# The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown
# The Usual Apocalypse, Christine Price (beta)
# Moon Called, Patricia Briggs
# City of Ghosts, Stacia Kane
# Unholy Magic, Stacia Kane
# Feast of Fools, Rachel Caine
# Rough Cut, Mari Carr
# Midnight Alley, Rachel Caine
# The Dead Girls' Dance, Rachel Caine
# Night Moves, Eden Bradley
# Hell's Angel, Cathryn Fox
# Glass Houses, Rachel Caine
# Gabriel's Woman, Robin Schone
# Unholy Ghosts, Stacia Kane
# A Gentlewoman's Predicament, Portia Da Costa
# Divine Misdemeanors, Laurell K Hamilton
# Waiting in Vein, Charlotte Stein
# Dead in the Family, Charlaine Harris
# Lover Mine, JR Ward
# The Dead Travel Fast, Deanna Raybourn
# Addicted, Charlotte Featherstone
# When Alex Was Bad, Jo Davis
# Witchling, Yasmine Galenorn
# Called by Blood, Evie Byrne
# Covet, JR Ward
# Dead and Gone, Charlaine Harris
# Tongue Thai'd, Sedonia Guillone
# Lover Avenged, JR Ward