Monday, January 10, 2011

How I do Titles

I thought I'd share a few thoughts on titles today. I know a lot of writers find them incredibly hard to come up with. I'll admit that most of my books start out as . They only transform into an actual title when something better occurs to me. Sometimes that happens quite quickly, sometimes they'll go through several possibles until I find one that I'm happy with. Some books I finish and still don't have an proper title for. The most recent example of a book like that would be Fortuna. I've never been able to come up with something else that really fits. But then, Fortuna herself, who was named on a whim, turned out to have more in common with the goddess she was named after than anticipated. (Sidenote: One of the characters in Blood Moon who was given his name purely because I liked it, turned out to have a hell of a lot of the qualities of the thing he's named after.)

The other problem with titles for me, is that I really like them to have some deeper resonance with the story.

For example:

Pure Folly - The two men spend the night in a haunted folly, and engage in homosexual behaviour, which is downright dangerous giving the historical setting.

Passion of Isis - I'll admit, very few people seem to get the title for this one. Simply, Adie spends the whole book chasing around looking for Osiris's missing cock.

Phantasmagoria - I'm not going to dissect that one. I'm just going to link it to Bev QB's review, which explains it perfectly.

The best times title wise, are when I have a title right at the outset and can then write the book to fit. Darleston's book, which I'm writing at the moment is a fine example of one of those. What's it called? I'm not ready to share yet. :)

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