Friday, May 27, 2011

So Close

I'm almost done with Darleston's book. Seriously, the end is so close, I'm almost there. I can see it, but there are just a few pesky words to pin to the page first. It's an awkward ending. There's so much at stake. I'm still wondering how I'm supposed to squeeze it all into the space I have left and yet do it justice.

I know the situation is tense because I've resorted to music for inspiration, a right old melancholy medley too. Well, maybe not all of it. Currently I'm trying to decide which version of Baby's On Fire I like best. It's a toss up between The Creepers and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine. JRM definitely wins on the visuals. LOL.

Hm, maybe the music isn't helping one bit... I think I may become sidetracked.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poor Neglected One.

I've sat down intending to blog far too many times over the last month, only for things to immediately drag me away before I've composed a single sentence. I'm determined today, not because I have anything much to say, but because I like to update things here. That way I feel like the year is progressing apace, rather than me remaining suspended back in April.

Since the releases of Three Times the Scandal and Indiscretions (no reviews yet :-( ), I've been ridiculously busy with family matters. Unfortunately, they sap me of both time and energy, so Darleston's book has moved along rather more slowly than I'd hoped, though the end is in sight now. I've only a few scenes left to write, then I'll go over the whole again before sending it on to my agent. She's already seen the first half and expressed her love of it, so I hope she likes the conclusion too.

Then I'm going to turn my hand to writing a few short works. I'd really like to write another something for Spice Briefs, probably contemporary and possibly related to Gabriel's Games. Not sure yet. I also intend to write a third story to bundle with the two Romps & Rakehells novellas I wrote last year. Thankfully, I have an outline already written for that one, though I'm not sure how well I'll manage it. It's a f/m/f story, which will be a first for me.

As for which novel I'll start on after the novellas, it rather depends on whether any of the books I have floating around in submissions land get picked up. I'm rather keen to get back to Blaze, but Vaughan has been languishing rather a long time too, so perhaps it's time to get back to him and explore just what comes next for him, Bella and Lucerne. I do have some ideas, or rather I know how things begin-- with a carriage journey (LOL). Then I have my super secret project. The one I've been mulling over for aeons now. I'm still a little afraid to develop it, because I know I'm going to love it. Yet it's going to be such hard work, and require a lot of research. I do prefer not to have to extend myself over far in that direction these days. It's one of the things that puts me off setting another book in Egypt. I'd have to brush up on my archaeology all over again. Setting something in Georgian England seems so much easier.