Monday, August 01, 2011


Isn't this cool? I think it's a fun idea. I always enjoy signing books, even though I never know what to write. Should anyone want a kindlegraph from me, you can sign up here Much easier than posting out signed bookplates.

I've been to Shugborough again today to admire their collection of carriages. They really are beautiful. I'd love to have a ride in one just to see what it's like, though I suspect I'd be horrendously travel sick. I'm bad enough in a modern day coach. Anyway, photos once I download them off the camera.

Writing plans have been turned around a bit since I'm now working on a super seckrit proposal. Still hoping to finish off the Romps & Rakehells story that I'm part way through, assuming the summer holidays and the family being home allows for it.


Erastes said...

I think it's a wonderful idea - my only concern is that anyone can join and call themselves Stephen King and no-one seems to check! Although don't suppose someone like him would do it!! :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Yep, that is a concern. Let's hope it's an issue they iron out. I don't think they were anticipating it taking off so fast.