Sunday, October 23, 2011

Future Plans

Friday I sat down and outlined my "timetable" of projects for 2012. This involves blocking off sections of time in pretty colours on a spreadsheet and estimating how long it'll take to get things done. The result, while theoretically do-able, is also highly optimistic. It doesn't account for natural disasters or the fact that I probably won't manage to write 9K every week. (9K of drivel, maybe. But I need most of it to be sound.) Also, things are subject to change depending on what I hear back from editors on the work I currently have on submission.

So, what's the point if I know I'm going to deviate from the plan?

Simple. It's a target. It gives me a frame to work to. More importantly, it lets me acknowledge all the projects that I have stacked up in the background, and says, "This is when I'm going to work on you."

Next year's aim then is to work on two projects at any one time in order to complete (I'm laughing here, because it's such a good joke.) four full length novels and three novellas. I know what three of those novels will be, but I'm less certain of the novellas which tend to be more along the lines of whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Vaughan fans will be pleased to know that TSK (or AGW3) is currently first on my list once I've completed Nookie Island.

I've lots still to complete for 2011 first. Nookie Island is past the mid-point, but still a long way from finished. I also have a couple of short novellas I want to finish off, both historical and a proposal to write for another contemporary novel. Crazily, I'm also toying with the idea of writing an SF set novella. I know, madness, isn't it, but I've always enjoyed SF horror type stories. The question is whether I can blend that with the erotic. Hopefully, I can.

PS. You can make what you will of my pic choice.

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