Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mid Points

I've reached the mid-point of Nookie Island and boy can I tell. Mid-points are awkward. This is the point in a book where my initial enthusiasm is completely gone and I start wondering how I'm ever going to get to the end. It's the point where I wonder if I've put down enough groundwork to hold the story.  It's also crunch time for my characters and whether there liked and understood. If they're not by this point, they've no hope of holding a readers interest for the rest of the book. This is why I tend to linger around this point for a while without really progressing (in terms of the word count. I do make progress in other ways). Things seem extra doubtful for this project because I've reached this point far quicker than I've ever done before working on a full length novel.

So, what can I say about this book... There's an awful lot of sex, some seriously rotten, gothic weather, ice-cream and lots of exposures! Kara is confused, Zach is sulking and Ric... Ric is pretending that everything is rosy, because that's way easier than dealing with reality. Silly boy likes to bottle up his baggage and stow it in the cellar. (His cellar has about reached bursting point.) Oh, and the tide is never convenient for travel to the mainland. I suppose it would help if they occasionally stopped bonking or actually read the tide timetable. LOL.

In other news, "We Were Lovers Once" is now available at All Romance Ebooks in addition to Amazon. I'm amazed I've managed to navigate the process, but it's looking good. I may hit other outlets in the future, but for the moment I'm more concerned with my deadlines.

Lots of projects waiting in the wings too, another proposal for seckrit publisher that wants Nookie island, the next bloody book, plus the third AGW book (Vaughan is showing immeasurable patience), my Edwardian project and a whole slew of other shorter works, all of which should keep me busy for years.I'm not going to ask for votes on how to prioritise it all, because I suspect I already know the answer.

Finally, I'm mulling over what to do for Xmas this year. I'm not sure whether to repeat the Advent Calendar or go for something less extensive. Suggestions welcome.

Recently watched: Pitch Black (again), National Treasure (hm) & Downton (love it).
Recently read: Manwich by Sedonia Guillone

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