Monday, November 07, 2011

Highs and Lows

... or maybe that should be lows and highs. I attended a family wedding over the weekend. First disaster was on arrival. Mr Madelynne, kids and I all get safely into our hotel room only for Mr Madelynne to ask, "Where's my jacket?" 

To which I replied, "Isn't it in the car?"

NOPE! It's only still hanging up still at home several hundred miles away.

He spent the next hour and a half doing a whirlwind tour of the supermarkets in order to find something other than socks and pants to wear, since the reception was being held in a gorgeous fortified priory, I don't think jeans and a tatty old jumper would have cut it.

Then the car died on the return journey. We think it's the engine. I'm pretending everything is fine...toobedoobedoo. Haven't cancelled Christmas quite yet as we're still waiting to hear from the garage.

However, to make up for it a little bit. I've had three... count them, three... reviews in the JERR newsletter this month, and all by different reviewers. I did glance through squinting to begin with, but I needn't have worried on this occasion.

Enticement = 5 stars. "What a fantastic book!"

Indiscretions = 4 stars. "For those who love a fast paced saucy historical full of ambience, that brings a by-gone era alive, then Indiscretions is the story for you."

Three Times the Scandal = 5 stars. "Three Times the Scandal has a mixture of laughter, tears, scandal, suspense and love all mixed together making a perfect sexy historical read."

Visit JERR to read the full reviews.

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