Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blood Moon - at very long last.

I've been sitting on this cover for a few weeks waiting until I had the text edits back before announcing the release. Finally, after several years in the making, I'll be releasing Blood Moon (aka the Bloody Book) in early January 2012.

Here's the extremely gorgeous cover, which is so perfect that I can't recommend or thank Kim Killion of HotDamn Designs nearly enough.She was a dream to work with, and produced my favourite book cover (of my books) ever. Everything about it is perfect, from the backdrop to the representations of the characters.

Marked and prophesized to be the demon prince reborn, Blaze Makaresh, an impulsive loner, is on the run from the youkai, demons who wish to claim him, and the Talon, their ruthless hunters. Only one person is prepared to help keep him alive and sane--Asha Lemarche, a cold and lovely ex-demon hunter with an addition to Blood Rain, a demon derived drug that heightens sexual pleasure. Blaze has until the Blood Moon rises to thwart his enemies, or risk the subjugation of the entire human race, but at what cost to himself and those closest to him?


Determined to keep Blaze human, but hooked on the taste of him, Asha is forced to reasses her position when their human foes outnumber their demons ones tenfold and the only safe haven lies on the other side of the Division Bridge in the demon realm.


Asha's life is on the line, but the fierce sexual attraction that binds her to Blaze may prove to be the riskiest part of all,leading to a transformation none of them predicted.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where I'm At.

The last month has been crazy, and that's without going into the details of my non-writing life. If I added those it, I think the polite term would be mental. The impolite term isn't printable. However, sticking to the writing front... crazy, yeah.

Let's see,
  •  I've had the cover for my Spice Briefs outing, Gabriel's Naughty Game, due in Feb 2012.
  •  I've signed a contract with Total-E-Bound for another contemporary menage novella, called Sharing Adam which is going to appear in one of their anthologies.
  •  I've signed on the dotted line with a super seckrit publisher, after some negotiations who will be publishing Nookie Island (though not under that title) in 2012. Speaking of which, I really do need to make that deadline. 10K to go folks.
  •  I've parted company with my agent. Kind of sad about that, but it makes more sense in terms of the markets I'm looking at currently.
  • The Bloody Book, actual title Blood Moon is currently been edited and is due for release shortly.
  • Kim Killion of HotDamn Designs has created a totally gorgeous cover for Blood Moon that I think I may actually love it the best out of all the covers I've ever had.
  • I've put together a short story written by my kids for Mr Madelynne's birthday. It hasn't been released, but it is wonderful in a way that only stories written by children can be.
  • We Were Lovers Once is currently free at most sites that aren't Amazon.
  • Oh, and I'm still debating the future of my Romps & Rakehells novellas.
All in all, far too much to think about at once. Especially as it means that in the first half of 2012 I can currently look forward to
  • edits on 4 projects. You know they're going to arrive at once.
  • Working on The Bloody Book 2, which also has Moon in the title.
  • Actually writing the proposal for a second project to go to the seckrit publisher, rather than the vague idea I've so far presented.
  • Finally writing AGW3.
  • Getting my act together over Romps & Rakehells.
  • Actually doing something with the half written novel on my hard drive. I'm considering posting it as a serial on my blog. Opinions on that idea are very welcome.
  • Oh, and sorting out what I'm going to do with the second half for 2012.
 What have the rest of you planned for next year?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

30 Days of Christmas

I'm over at Lex Valentine's blog today, where you can comment for a chance to win a copy of Three Times the Scandal as well as books by Lex Valentine and Karenna Colcroft.