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New Release: Come Play With Me

Isn't he nice? I rather like the way his thumb is positioned to suggest he's about to reveal a little more. As you may have gathered, I have a story in this collection. 'On Wednesday's We Play' is all about sex and escapism. It's about being imaginative and not being too old to play games. The characters first appeared in Enticement as a set of naughty neighbours, and I liked them so much I thought it would be fun to explore just exactly what they liked to get up to in more detail. There's a little excerpt below, but let me also tell you that the collection also includes stories by the fabulous Justine Elyot, Lux Zakari and others.

Get your copy at one of these places:  |  |  Barnes & Noble

Excerpt from 'On Wednesday's We Play'

When the hood comes off, the light from the naked bulb stings my eyes like the radiance from a thousand suns. At first, his face is merely a black spot that eclipses the glare. Around me the air smells of damp earth and concrete and things that live in the ground. Where are we? There’s a familiarity about the place. Are we underground?
Cellar…? We’re in Jason’s cellar, where he keeps his wine, his amp and his toys.

Why are we in the cellar?

Unable to do much else, I blink, and slowly the blurred coloured spots clear from my vision to reveal the hard planes of a face: a narrow Roman nose, and eyes the green of tinted glass. Not Jason’s face, but someone far more familiar. Someone I see everyday at work, and with whom I pass the time of day by the photocopier. Only now he’s neither bespectacled nor business-suited, and his wavy brown hair has lost out to a buzz cut. I stare up at Saul in wonderment and confusion. His aquiline brow is rent down the middle by a tight, silvered scar, but what truly grabs my focus is his mouth. Thinned by his current expression, his lips nevertheless form a perfectly plump cupid’s bow. He has the lips of a kiss happy hooker. The rest of him, dirty great army boots, bracers worn over a dusky khaki shirt, is all mean brute. The image truly suits him.

'Comfortable?’ He tests his ink stained knuckles against the ridge of my jaw, just putting enough pressure into the action to nudge my chin upwards. ‘I asked you a question.’

As if I can reply with my mouth sealed with tape. Well, I suppose I could nod my head. Not that I am comfortable. I’m distinctly uncomfortable, knowing neither why I’m here nor what’s to come. When I struggle, ropes bite into my wrists and ankles, the coarse fibres unmercifully irritating the bare skin.  Yep, uncomfortable—just as I like it.

‘Freya—t-t-tut.’ He clicks his tongue as if he’s faintly amused by my wriggling. Certainly, it will take far more than a dainty shuffle to release me. His smile stretches impossibly broad showing off coffee-yellowed teeth, as he snatches up a clipboard and leafs through the notes there. ‘What a bad girl you’ve been, siphoning money from the company tea account, cheating all your fellow employees of their daily brews. Shame on you.’ He throws the clipboard aside and it skitters across the concrete floor. ‘So, what’s it been going on…shoes, this rather fetching dress?’ We both glance down at the stretchy red fabric that hugs my skin, and I finally understand who left me the note and why I was asked to dress so provocatively. I’m playing the corporate thief, caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I guess it’s nicely grounded in reality, since I have borrowed from the fund recently.

A trail of sweat chills the space between my breasts as Saul’s fingers creep across my cheek. He rips the tape from my mouth.

‘What do you want? Ouch! That hurt.’

Saul stands tall again, and slowly shakes his head. ‘You know it’s lucky for you that it was me who found out about your little siphoning scheme and not one of the other pen-pushers who’d have gone straight to the management.’

‘You mean, they don’t know?’

More sweat prickles across my shoulders as he holds my gaze, neither confirming nor denying whether he’s snitched to the higher ups. The regular management will have my arse for this. I see the word ‘thief’ stamped across my employment records and the dole queue looming.

‘What do you want?’ I repeat my earlier question, my voice softer now, as I slide into the part. Although, I already suspect I know the answer. I’ve seen the way he ravishes me with his gaze whenever we meet. Sexual favours in exchange for his continued silence.

‘You know, I’ve always wanted a playmate,’ he says, not entirely answering. ‘Someone I could use entirely for my pleasure. Someone I could be entirely selfish with.’

Suddenly, he’s right up close again. The hiss of his warm breath troubles the sensitive skin of my ear, so close that I imagine the brush of his whore’s lips and maybe the catch of a tooth to snag my already heightened senses. I’ve frigged myself to sleep at night thinking about his lips and seeing them wrapped around one of my nipples. I’ve even added in the detail of being handcuffed and his to utterly possess. Keeping him sweet will hardly be a chore, assuming the odd blowjob is what we’re proposing here and nothing more.

One strong hand settles upon my shoulder as Saul circles behind the crude wooden chair to which I’m bound. He breathes in the scent of my hair, presses a kiss to the crown of my head, and then licks the sweat from the back of my neck.

‘Free me, and I’ll work some magic on you now.’

He laughs at that. ‘I daresay you can work plenty of magic, Sugar Lips, but being at your mercy ain’t the plan. I think I’ll stick with calling the shots. It amuses me to see you trussed up and unable to stop my hands wandering anywhere they choose.’ He folds his fingers over my right breast and squeezes hard. Lust shoots through my cunt in response, making everything clench. Most guys are too gentle with my nipples, not Saul. His rough manipulation sends sharp spikes of pleasure through my breasts, so they are left tingling and steepled. Fear combines with anticipation as he works the nipple roughly between his thumb and the side of his index finger.

This isn’t how I like to play the game. I like to be in control of my submission. Blowing him would have left me on my knees in a position of power. This just leaves me helpless.

How far does he intend to go? Will he hurt me? Will I enjoy it?

I tell myself that I won’t lie still. I won’t let him do anything I don’t want him to do, but with him positioned behind me, I can’t even rock the chair enough to free myself of his hold upon my breasts. Instead, I’m forced to endure.

Monday, December 17, 2012


2012 has been a particularly tough year for me writing wise. As I've mentioned before, I've struggled all year with motivation and plain old getting the words down on the page. The last book nearly killed me (cringe) and I'm still waiting to hear if I'll need to revisit it (double cringe).  Due to that experience, I was all set to give myself a short break and then start another battle with the next book on the schedule, so it's been something of a surprise to find that the process isn't nearly so painful.

Okay, so I'm committing some pretty big sins at the moment (not writing what I should be writing, and writing what I feel like writing instead), but the scenes are coming thick and fast, and if the prose is mostly snippets of dialogue and colourful adjectives that barely form coherent sentences, so what. They're words, right? I'm not forcing myself to write an outline or a synopsis. I haven't tried to summarize the book in a single paragraph (all things I have to do if I want to sell on proposal), I'm totally winging this one. At some point, I'll have to batter it into proper shape, but by then I think I'll know where I'm going and it won't be so hard. It'll be like editing (I used to love editing ie spending ages tweaking things into perfection).

So, what is it I'm so full of, that I'm back to writing on napkins and scrawling tons of hand written notes? Well, I'll give you a clue. It features a V and a B and an L. Maybe a certain 10th anniversary looming on the horizon is what's spurring me on. Wouldn't it be fab if it was done in time? (That's dreaming, right?) But know, that it is being written. I know what happens, and how it end. Not the very last sentence, but the bigger picture.

Of course, at some point I'm really going to have to get on with the stuff I'm being paid to write, but for Christmas I'm giving myself the chance to wallow in something I love. Here's hoping something good comes out of it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Productive Escapsim

It's bloody freezing today, which makes it particularly hard to concentrate on working. It's hard to type when your fingers are like icicles. Not that I'm concentrating on what I should be focused on. I ought to be working on the next contemporary, but I'll be honest and say I've no appetite for it at the moment. After the rush to get the previous contemporary finished, and the shock of some pretty rotten news yesterday, I'd much rather push the real world to the back of my mind and wallow someplace fun instead. Don't worry, I'll fulfill my obligations and maybe get an addition project completed too. Let's call what I'm concentrating on at the moment, productive escapism.

And I'm excited about it. I want to write, which is very different to writing because I have to in order to finish something that's promised. I'm not even going to drop hints about what it might be that's got me so quite so tingly. I'm frightened if I say too much (anything) the magic will fade. :)

I have spent the morning going back through old notebooks. It's been interesting to see how my writing process has changed over time. I can't believe how many whole scenes I've come across that I'd written long-hand. I only write long-hand now if I absolutely have to, and then my handwriting is frequently so indecipherable the notes are nearly useless.

Right now - back to work. Don't forget the Days of SeXmas giveaways are still going on over at Total E Bound. Click on the previous post for details.

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Days of SeXmas

Check out Total-E-Bound, publishers of my novellas Sharing Adam and Pure Folly, everyday for some great Xmas giveaways. Click on the picture below and then follow the link on the TEB front page to the giveaway for that day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

December Update

Yes, it's time for another 'where I'm at post'. Last Monday, I finally completed and sent Greedy Girl off to my editor. It's been a tough book to write, but I hope those struggles paid off in the end. I certainly think rewriting the whole thing in first person made a difference, but I'm still waiting to hear from my editor regarding his thoughts. Fingers crossed there aren't too many revisions on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the current workload looks something like this:

1. Proposal for m/f contemporary series due with editor ASAP. Ideally, I need to get this in before Xmas. If approved, this will then be the number one priority.
2. Foursome. Main priority if #1 doesn't happen.
3. Romps & Rakehells #4. I meant to have finished this by now, but I haven't even started it.
4. TSK (the further adventures of Bella, Vaughan and Lucerne). I wish, wish, wish I had time to work on this, I really do. Next May sees the 10th Anniversary of A Gentleman's Wager, it'd be nice to see the final part of the story out in time for that, but considering my other commitments, I just can't see it happening (sob).
5. Lordly short. (By March at the latest).
6+ I'm not even listing them, because the list is so long it'll probably induce a panic.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cover Make Over

Anything But Vanilla has undergone a costume change along with the rest of the Mischief line, giving it much more classy, grown-up look. You can check them all out here I think a few of them are really beautiful.

Let me know what you think of the new designs, and on Anything But Vanilla's make over.



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two New Covers

Mine to Dare is a paperback compilation of several Spice Briefs titles, including my very own, Gabriel's Naughty Game. I'm tickled by the company I'm sandwiched into this book with, particularly my buddies, Portia Da Costa and Saskia Walker.

Come Play with With Me includes my story, On Wednesday's We Play, which features some rough housing, a rope, a cellar, scars, bared lightbulbs, oh, and some saucy threeway romping. Particularly observant readers may recognize Jason, Saul and Freya as a set of naughty neighbours who first appeared in Enticement.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thought of the moment

Why won't this book end? I want to get on with the next one :(

New covers and such likes to reveal next week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Phantasmagoria Audio

Writing like crazy at the moment, so much so that I almost let this release slip past without remark. At the start of the month, the audio version of Phantasmagoria was released for the first time. A Gentleman's Wager has been available for some time, and I'd always hoped that Random House would release Phantasmagoria too. Well, they have, and while I still find it really hard to listen to my own words being spoken aloud, I have say I'm impressed with the narrator they've chosen. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet. There's over eight hours of narration. But I am intending to.

What I like is that Roxy Isles has made an attempt at the characters accents. Hence, Bella has a slight Yorkshire twang, and there's a certain playfulness about the reading style too. Is this how I hear the characters in my head? No, not exactly, but when it comes to books, everyone has their own interpretation.

You can check out a sample on Audible, where it's also available to buy.  |

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Guest Blog: Sommer Marsden

Please welcome, my guest for today, the lovely, and talented, Sommer Marsden, whose new novel, Boys Next Door is now available from Mischief Books. Today, Sommer's sharing some insights with us into what it's like to write a menage a trois. There's also a nifty little taster from the book below.

Keeping Them Straight 

I’m sure I’m not alone on this, but when writing books that involve more than one hero, I find myself a bit flustered at times. I tend to be a seat of the pants writer who just fills in whatever my mind’s eye supplies when it comes to my male main characters. And at first I do okay at keeping them straight in my head. Every once in a while I find myself inserting the characteristics of one when the love scene I’m writing is with another.

Or God forbid, one of them is bisexual and I bring a new man into the scene by having one of my guys hook up with a new male lover. That brings on a whole new ball of wax, if you will. With him and his he getting all tangled up together and dominating the page. That can be confusing and I find that using the men’s names more often helps. (Male/Male writers back me up on this?)

And then, when dealing with more than a ménage, which is what Boys Next Door happens to be, it can be the equivalent of mental acrobatics. Think Cirque Du Soleil of the mind. Take three guys and a lady and you can really confuse yourself with where hands are and other various body parts. Who remembers the three handed woman? Both in a story (I’ve written them (caught them, though, whew!) and I’ve read them) and in a paperback cover once upon a time. She had one hand here and one hand there and (her third) one hand over there.

So what’s a writer to do?

  • Keep a list. I have yet to learn, mind you, and I do not usually start this list until mid novel where I then think, does he have brown eyes or blue? Or maybe he’s the one with sea green eyes… 
  • Make a chart. Each character,his personal tells (does he smirk, cut his fingernails with a pen knife, cock his eyebrow?), and his physical attributes. Include tattoos! 
  • Have a picture of each hero. I never used to do this but now I find it helps my (ahem..aging) mind. I scour pics of hot men and find ones that most fit my boys. Hey, I am not afraid to suffer for my art. (p.s. you should have seen my pic of Coop from Boys Next Door. He is stunning. But sadly I removed all possibly copyrighted work from my blog). 
  • Whenever possible go through motions you are describing. Hey, fully clothed, or naked—dealer’s choice. Because it can help keep you from describing various impossible scenarios. In my first ebook ever I meant to type “He threw my legs over his shoulders” when I got the first rejection I realized I had typed “He threw my legs over my shoulders”. Um…ouch? (Don’t worry, the book got picked up on the next go round and her legs ended up where they were supposed to be.) 

And that’s that. Mainly, I have to learn to do all of this stuff from the first page instead of say, page 78 where people are already tangled up and sweaty and flirty and…ya know, involved. I’m still honing the fine art of keeping them straight. If anyone has super nifty tricks, do share!

Teaser Excerpt: Boys Next Door
'It’ll be okay,’ he said, pulling me back just enough that I brushed against him which helped me get my bearings.

He was warm against me, but I shivered.

‘Your hands are freezing. Are you claustrophobic?’

‘Not so much that,’ I whispered as if louder noise would make us plummet to our deaths. ‘I just don’t like elevators. How long? How long will we be here?’

‘Do you want the truth or do you want a lie?’
I sighed. ‘The truth, though the smart money is probably on the lie.’

‘Probably half an hour to an hour. George has a good heart but slow hands.’

‘Great.’ I moved my hands around to try and find the railing that ran along the sides of the elevator. I didn’t think this poor man needed to be holding me like some damsel in distress. But what my fingers brushed was most definitely not the wall of the elevator. My hand froze.

‘Um . . .’ he said. And there was that dark and almost sinister laughter that somehow slid up my spine and under my hair and prickled my scalp like electricity.

‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered.

A moment ticked by and I was afraid to breathe. I felt like I might laugh or cry or scream, or possibly all three at once.

‘But not enough to move it, eh?’ he asked, moving his body just enough that I felt the hard push of his cock to my hand.

My face heated with a blush. I was grateful he couldn’t see.

‘Shit. First I grope you and then I . . . just keep right on groping you. I don’t even move my hand.

Have I mentioned the one thing that freaks me out is elevators? And a dark one that is being worked on by a slow man is the worst case scenario.’

‘Hunh,’ he said and I could hearhim smile.

‘And my hand is still on your cock!’ I blurted, finally ripping my hand away.

‘Hey, whatever calms you down, Farrell McGee.’

I couldn’t help but snort, but my hands were shaking and I felt a little light-headed.

‘You’re really scared,’ he said.

‘I’m –’

‘It’s coming off of you in waves. It’s palpable. That’s hard to pull off. Palpable fear.’

‘I am nothing if not talented.’

‘What do you do?’

‘I’m a failed actress. You?’

‘Failed writer. But I am currently the butcher for our small town.’

‘Ah, I love meat.’

Dead silence.

‘Oh my God. I swear I’m not normally this stupid.’ I put my hand up to brush my hair out of my face, in the dark it felt like a million tiny spiders tickling my cheeks. But I brushed over him instead – I was starting to wonder if it really was an accident – and he took my hand and squeezed it between his warm ones.

‘Breathe,’ he said. He put my hands flat on his chest and then placed his over the top of mine. I stood there, trying to calm down and feeling the steady and easy beat-beat-beat of his heart.

I took a deep breath and held it before blowing it out. The same way I did for stage fright.

‘Better?’ he asked, his face close, his breath smelling of mint.

‘Better,’ I echoed.

‘You smell good,’ he said. ‘Like peaches and . . . I can’t quite put my finger on it.’ Deke leaned in and sniffed right at the juncture of neck and shoulder. My skin prickled almost violently. ‘Honey?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said. ‘All I can smell is you.’

What was I doing? My God, I had just met this man, had only seen him in the light for a few moments and now – if my nether regions were to be believed – I wanted him. Badly.

‘And what do I smell like?’ He put his hands on my lower back, splaying his fingers, spreading their warmth. He pulled me just a touch closer and though his cock wasn’t touching me, I felt – or imagined I felt – the energy from his hard on mingling with my own lustful energy.

‘Pine and cinnamon and wood smoke. Like the outdoors. That’s what you smell like.’

‘Hunh. Good nose. I spent all day at a client’s fishing cabin, dressing a deer.’

For some odd reason, I imagined a deer in a skiing ensemble and snorted. But even as the laughter burst out of me, I pushed my pelvis to his. Brazen, but it was what I felt the urge to do. So I did it.
New life. New way of doing things.

‘Dressing?’ I rotated my hips just a bit and his fingers brushed over my skin sliding lower to slip beneath the waistband of my jeans.

‘It means butchering. But don’t worry,’ he said, when I went a bit stiff. ‘I cleaned up real good and even had some coffee by the fire before I left.’

His mouth came down on mine then and I figured, fuck it. I was scared and horny and he was handsome and Satan-ish and felt damn good pressed against me.

I let his tongue bully mine before I put my hands in that dark mussed hair I remembered and hauled him to me. Deeper went the kiss and when he bumped his erection against me so I could feel how turned on he was, I nipped his lip.

‘Damn,’ he said. ‘Welcome to town.’

‘Shh. Kiss me,’ I said, rubbing my hand over his cock, squeezing his length through his jeans until he groaned. ‘I need to be distracted.’

‘I can do that,’ he said against my lips. Then he was turning me. A flipping, flying, falling sensation because of the darkness. My back ended up pressed to the wall of the elevator, my ass riding that metal bar I’d been searching out.

‘Touch me,’ I begged. I wasn’t sure where this new ‘me’ was coming from, but it was fine. She was okay by me.

‘I can do that,’ he echoed and his warm fingers ran down my belly, making me tremble. His hand slipped below my jeans before plunging into my panties. Deke’s hot fingers found my clit and he pressed so that all my breath slipped out of me. Warm wet circles brought me close to an orgasm right off the bat. He was good.

I arched against him and kissed him again, finding his face – a bit rough with stubble – with my hands. I sighed again, arching up to meet his touch and he lazily slipped a thick finger into my cunt.

‘You’re so fucking wet, Ms McGee,’ Deke said against my throat. His teeth grazed my pulse point and he gently sucked that fragile skin until an echoing tug sounded in my cunt. My body tightened around his finger and this time we both groaned.

Purchase Links HarperCollins   | Amazon US   | Amazon UK | All Romance Ebooks  | Barnes and Noble 

Author Bio: Sommer Marsden’s been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorensen),and "Erotica royalty..." (Lucy Felthouse). Her erotic novels include Boys Next Door, Restless Spirit, Big Bad, Wanderlust and Learning to Drown. Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for HarperCollins (Mischief Books), Xcite Books, eXcessica, Ellora's Cave, Pretty Things Press, and Resplendence Publishing.

The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor. Sommer's short works can be found in well over one hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies. Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazines--both in print and online. Visit to see what’s up and drop her a line.

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Oops! What happened to September

It was ridiculously busy is the simple answer. I spent several weekends away from home, one at Alton Towers, and another at a PGL holiday. I enjoyed both immensely, but came back from both completely shattered. I've also been under the weather for much of the month. In fact, I still have a vile cough.

Writing wise it's been a crazy time to. I'm still knee deep in the book from hell. However, All Comers (which may end up with a different title) is slowly coming together and I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. I'm quite excited about several of the other projects I have in the pipeline, so I'm desperate to move quickly. Sadly, my poor brain can't always keep up with my ambition.

Next week, I've a guest blogger. Sommer Marsden will be visiting on Tuesday to share some thoughts and tell us about her new Mischief book. The Boys Next Door. I can't wait. Meanwhile, back to work.

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All Together Now - Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

All Together Now by Madelynne Ellis

All Together Now

by Madelynne Ellis

Giveaway ends October 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So much for my plans...

It's been an odd week. Only one kiddie around for most of it. The other one was visiting grandma. I spent the early part of the week writing like crazy, and then I've spent the latter half... ahem... sorting out Lego. Two days of identifying miniscule coloured bricks and bagging them up so that my son has even a remote chance of making the items they're supposed to be. I have chronic heartburn as a result, due to leaning over too much.

There have been some writing  developments too, necessitating more project jiggling. Mischief have offered contracts for a short story, the Secret Project book and another novel. They're also interested in a follow up to Anything But Vanilla. Hence I need to get to work on those pronto.

That said, I refuse to give up on Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne. I'm just too excited by the idea. Therefore, since I have some flexibility regarding deadlines, I'm determined to work on this book alongside my other commitments. To keep me on track, I'm also going to attempt to blog more often about my progress.

Consider this a starting point.

TSK: Vaughan & Bella are currently making a carriage journey.

All Comers: I think/pray/hope I have the sequence and scenes very roughly mapped out now, all except the opening, which is still giving me hell. However, the penultimate chapter is completely written. How's that for doing things out of sequence?

Foursome: Again, I'm pretty sure I know where this is going, so hopefully it won't be to difficult to proceed. I'm not planning on doing much on this until All Comers is finished.

I also have a couple of short stories I'd like to write, with up coming deadlines, and I had a fab idea for a series of novellas the other day that I'd like to develop.

Wish me luck...

Haven't done this for ages.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pulling it together...slowly

After my minor melt down last week over the nonsensical work load I seem to have in store, I've calmed down a little and settled into sort of a routine. Daily word counts-- Yay! And a family who are being strangely co-operative about me spending hours on my computer. Naturally, I'm not working on what I should be working on, or rather, I'm only half working on my top priority, and I'm half working on something else that literally has me brimming with excitement.

So, the top priority: The secret project is finally underway. Yes, it's still secret. In fact, it's so secret, I haven't a clue what it's about. Okay, I know the general theme, but the tone of the story is completely different to how I originally envisaged it. Originally, it was lighthearted, sex intense and decidedly plot lite. Now-- there's still going to be plenty of the scorching stuff, but there's a darker theme emerging. Lyssa, the heroine of the story, is not who I thought she was. Nor is she nearly as in control of her situation as I originally planned. One of the characters who has knuckled his way into the story after starting out as a bit part is not the nice guy he seems to be.

I realize this might make it sound as if I know what's going on, but I really don't. The thing is, I'm writing it completely out of sequence, which means I keep making discoveries that change the tone in subtle ways.

As for the other project... The one that has me giddy with excitement... Let's just say that I've temporarily bypassed items 2 and 3 on the list below and skipped straight to 4. AGW3 or 6 depending on how you're counting it is on the agenda. The horses are tethered, and Vaughan is on the move again. I can't describe how excited it makes me feel to finally be properly piecing the bits of this story together from all the fragments I've collected over the years since Phantasmagoria's release. I'm beaming just thinking about it. Last night a re-read many of the pivotal scenes from A Gentleman's Wager and Phantasmagoria. Today, Vaughan and Lucerne have been having a chat about a few important issues. The scene it will eventually be is from a fair way into the story, but it's a pivotal point. I'm not sure yet how Vaughan's going to handle the repercussions. He seems a bit numbed at the moment.

 Also, I think someone has their eye on Joshua.

In other news: I've had a short story accepted for inclusion in and anthology. Only Wednesday's We Play will appear in The Invitation. Keep and eye on the sidebar for details.

Monday, August 06, 2012

I have so much work to do it's kind of scaring me...

Let me backtrack a little. At the end of last year I worked my socks off to get Anything But Vanilla in just over four months (that's unbelievably fast for me). The trouble came afterwards. With the exception of revisions on books already accepted for publication, I've written virtually nothing since January. Now, some of that it down to life being plain old shitty, but not all of it. Nor has it been down to a lack of ideas. There seem to be plenty of them zipping about my brain. Anyway, the result is that I really need to knuckle down now and write if I'm going to make any headway with the projects in the writing queue.

1. First up, is a 40K secret project story with a contemporary setting. I'm one chapter in. I think it's growing on me, but it's definitely a bit of a challenge. I don't want it to just be a bonk buster. It'd be nice to get a little bit of emotion and romance in there too.

2. Is a story of friends reconnecting after many years apart. Again, I'm just into the second chapter. I have a pretty solid plan for where this one is going, but that doesn't necessarily make it easier to write. I'm also still undecided on how long it's going to be. 40-80K I guess.

3. The follow up to Anything But Vanilla. Kara, Ric and Zach are back for more punishment, although the main story focus is on Ric's wayward cousin and Kara's brother. I'm looking forward to working on this one. I think it's going to be fun. At least 80K of it.

4. It's been put off for years, but I really, really do want to get back to Vaughan, Lucerne and Bella. I've left them at that precarious point for too long. It's time I actually got the rest of their story down on paper. Another 80-100K

5. More Blaze and Asha... Might have to change the coming soon date for that one. Hedging my bets here. Let's say 90K

6. I think I'm supposed to write some short stories too, but you all know I hate that prospect, right? 4K each, but I might as well list them as individual novels. They take about the same time to write.

7. For a moment there I thought I'd reached the end, but no, I'd simply forgotten that I have the next outing in my Romps & Rakehells series to write. I'm planning 8 in total BTW. (5x12K)

8. All the other stuff. Yep, I'm cheating and bundling it here together. I think it includes a yaoi style caper, a Sci Fi mystery, and of course, the Cryptozoology book. (Gazillions)

That makes a grand total of far too much. I think it may just be a while before I can pop up for air again.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Erotica Readers Wanted for HarperCollins Study.

HarperCollins are currently conducting a study of women erotica readers, who read on EReaders. They'd like to talk to a handful of women, either by phone or face-to-face, as soon as possible. They're willing to pay £50 a person. If you're interested, please contact suzanne at stunningpr dot com

Note: You must have purchased erotica for EReaders, not print.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AGW Goes Digital!

I'm really excited today, because finally A Gentleman's Wager is available in e-format. I didn't think it was ever going to happen, but it has, and as you can see from the pic alongside, with it's original cover (I've no idea why).

I'm not sure what the situation is, but currently it's available on and other UK sites. Hopefully, it'll be available worldwide soon.

So, to celebrate. Stop by (you can leave a comment here or email me at madelynne at madelynne-ellis dot com) and let me know what it is you love about A Gentleman's Wager, or any of the other books in my Georgian Rakehells series, and what you're hoping for in the future books in the series. I'll draw a random winner to win a book from my backlist.

On the subject of future books. I have the contract for AGW (Georgian Rakehells) #5 sitting on my desktop at this very moment. The title is Her Husband's Lover, and it'll be published May 2013 by Mischief, HarperCollins. Look forward to 100,000 words of  Lord Darleston getting himself into trouble when he's reunited with his first lover and the man's wife.

Addendum: Forgot to say that Three Times the Scandal (AGW #4) won third place in the Historical Category of the Passionate Plume.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Romance Divas Conference

Another Romps & Rakehells release

Taming Taylor, the third in my Romps & Rakehells series of novelettes released on the 18th July. I'm blogging it late because I've been lost for the weekend in the AD&D land. Yes, I spent my birthday weekend rolling dice and swinging imaginary swords. Oh, and also hanging out with some really good mates.

However, getting back to the story. Taming Taylor takes place on the same evening as Capturing Cora. It's all about Bran's roommate Taylor Hulme, and the two ladies he's been wooing. I suppose it's a good thing Bran was elsewhere that night, otherwise he might have brought a rather abrupt end to Taylor's punishment.

Here's the official blurb:

Consummate rakehell, Taylor Hulme has two passions in life, extravagant clothes and buxom women, in that order. Never without a spare coat, Taylor, always keeps at least two lovers, just in case the first cannot satisfy his needs. Naturally, he takes utmost care to ensure his lovers never meet.

When Amelia Percival and Verity Quinn discover they’re both being wooed by the same man, they join forces in order to tame Taylor’s rakish behaviour. Holding him captive in his bedchamber, they subject him to a night of erotic torture. Come dawn, Taylor’s sworn to change his errant ways, but he isn’t the only one who has learnt an important lesson about relationships. When passion burns with such intensity, sharing isn’t always such a bad thing.  |  | B&N  | ARe

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Release: Menage After Midnight

While I was in bed last night, halfway around the world this little gem finally hit the virtual shelves. This is the second story in my Romps & Rakehells series, and introduces some characters we've only seen in the background so far.

Rather amazingly, it's already received its first review from Full Moon Bites, who gave it 5 stars. You can check out the full review here.

Published by Ai Press
Released: 17th July 2012

Historical Erotic Romance (mmf)

Affection for a price…

Paris Ashcroft supports himself by offering discreet sexual liaisons to women whose husbands neglect their duties. Romance is merely the means by which he makes a living. However, when Sophia Lovich, the one woman he’s lost his heart to, asks for his attention, he intends to surrender himself to passion.

Little does he suspect that Sophia will ask him to endure her husband’s dark desires too!  |  | All Romance Ebooks  | B&N

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer Bloghop Winner

I'm slightly late with my announcements, having been in the Netherlands for the last week and a half. However, the winner of a copy of Capturing Cora is poster #4 Anne.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Erotica BlogHop

It's the start of the Hot Summer Nights Erotica Bloghop today. Over 100 erotica authors are participating and giving away prizes. Plus there's a grand prize of a huge ebook basket and a $100 gift card from EdenFantasys.Check out below for my details.

Here on my blog, I'm celebrating by offering a copy of my recent novella, published by Ai Press. Leave a comment below. Capturing Cora, is the first story in my Romps & Rakehells series. This series of novellas explores the relationships and illcit goings on at a Regency Summer House Party. Capturing Cora introduces many of the guests that will be cropping up in later stories, as well as telling the story of Miss Cora Reeve and Mr Branwell Locke who have known one another since childhood, but have recently realised their feelings for one another run much deeper than that.

Here's the official blurb:

A botched marriage proposal. A mischievous wager. All leading to a game of hide and seek that turns highly erotic…

Branwell “Tinker” Locke believes in grand gestures. However, when his marriage proposal to Miss Cora Reeve is dismissed as a jape, Bran has to find another way to persuade Cora of his utmost sincerity. Even if it means using his tongue for something other than pretty words.

Cora fears that her former childhood friend is simply set upon helping her win a wager, that is, until they’re thrust together during a game of hide and seek and previously un-expressed passion blooms between them. Then, Cora is left wondering if she’s made a terrible mistake. Does Bran really love her, or was that forbidden pleasure between them in the cupboard just a moment that’s gone forever?

Available at  |  | All Romance Ebooks  Barnes & Noble

Don't forget to look out for books two and three in the series, Menage After Midnight and Taming Taylor, both of which are due out soon.

Visit each stop on the bloghop for chances to win a different individual prize as well as be entered to win one of the grand prizes: