Friday, February 03, 2012

Limited Offer Freebies

For the next 5 days you can download both Indiscretions and Woe in Kabukicho free from Amazon US & UK. So hop on over there and grab yourself a bargain.

Just to remind you what they're about:

Published by Ai Press
ISBN #  9780983374749
26th April, 2011

Eighteen months into a delicate ménage a trois relationship, and Lucerne, Viscount Marlinscar is feeling the strain. He’s engaged in a constant tug o war as both his lovers compete to win his affections. Only, Lucerne’s not so eager to choose. Matter of fact, he’s beginning to wonder if he’s not the one that’s being left out, considering the effort Vaughan and Bella pour into tormenting one another.
When the three lovers attend a society music recital jealousy again rears its head, which convinces Lucerne that it’s time to take matters into his own hands. The decision doesn’t go down at all well, particularly with Vaughan, who shows his displeasure by dishing out erotic punishments.

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(Short Story)
Published by Ai Press
17th September, 2010

She never sought a connection… but a chance -and deliciously erotic – encounter with a beautiful stranger in Tokyo’s pleasure ward grants her one heartfelt desire…

A visit to a host bar in Kabukicho while on a business trip to Japan results in a chance erotic and passionate encounter with Sky, an incredibly sexy man whose job it is to entertain lonely women. Mutual attraction leads to an immediate connection forming between them. When Sky then offers to take things way beyond the pouring of cocktails, she finds it impossible to refuse his illicit offer and they embark upon a night of erotic adventure together. However, what she gains is so much more than a fleeting sexual high—but the realisation of her heart’s desire.

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